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How to enter Beastmode for Soulbeast?

This is probably very obvious but I can't find out how to do it. I have trained soulbeast so that means I am able to meld with my pet right? But how do I do that? LOL!


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    It's a really easy thing to forget but specialisations are only active if they're in one of the slots on the build tab. For some reason elite specs can only go into the bottom of the 3 spaces, so select that one and choose soulbeast. Make sure you decide which tier 1, 2 and 3 traits to use (and maybe change the other 2 specialisations if necessary).

    Once you've done that a green button with a paw print symbol will appear above your health bar. Click that and you'll merge with your pet. Click it again to unmerge. (You can also press F5, or whatever that ability is bound to for you.)

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    Yep changing you specializations is the key. But if you are anything like me who has been using the Ranger since day 1, you will be going back to core specializations.