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[NA servers] TBC's Pride March and Meta Events supporting the Trevor Project JUNE 10, 13th 2020

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The Tyrian Bullet Club [TBC] Cordially Invites you to not one, but 2 special events, as part of our month long fundraiser for the Trevor Project.
The Trevor Project, a Non-profit organization, provides 100% free, 24/7 hotlines to LGBTQIA+ Youth that are facing very difficult situations in their lives. The Hotline covers suicide prevention, homeless prevention, and other types of emergency assistance and counselling. As a Proud Asexual myself, and as our Guild comprises of several members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the safety and well being of all Youth, regardless of identity or preference, is paramount. All people have the right to be proud of who they are, without retaliation or discrimination.
it is because of that pride and because of our support of the Trevor Project, that we are Offering not one, but TWO events in Guild Wars 2.
The first of these Events will Occur on Wednesday, June 10th at 5pm CST. It will be a March from the Black Citadel to Rata Sum. All are welcome, to attend, and Dress to Impress, as At the End of our Journey, the Bifrost will be awarded to the Best Dressed Character!
The Lfgs for the March will begin at 445pm CST sharp. there will be several Commanders to follow!.
Event Number 2 Will commence in Dry Top, and will be a map wide meta event day. Commanders from TBC will be in LFG and available the Majority of the Day starting at 12pm CST. All are welcome to attend! For those of you wondering why we chose Dry Top, several of the rewards given in Dry Top are part of the Legendary Weapon Journeys.
These two Events will be also Streamed LIVE on Twitch by several TBC streamers, myself included. my twitch stream link is https://twitch.tv/sin_of_anubis.
Donations to the Trevor Project will be possible through the streams, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Trevor Project. there will not be donation spam in the map chat. these events are to promote PRIDE, not demand money. donations are 100% optional.
We Thank You in advance for your attention and attendance on these two events.
any questions may be addressed below. Please be civil and non hostile during the events.
Sin of Anubis (blackheartgary.8605)


  • Hello! we are just 2 Days away from the Pride March in the Black Citadel. LFG's will go up at 445pm CST and the march will commence at 5pm CST. While this march does focus on the LGBTQIA+ community, we welcome EVERYONE, regardless of who you are, to march with us. express yourselves. strike conversations. show us your fashionwars. BE YOURSELF. and have fun! of all the things PRIDE means to us, one of them, in particular, is "Be free to be who you are, no matter what that may be".
    see you there!