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[NA][PvX][ART] Friendly, Fun, and Recruit!

Art of Invasion [ART] is recruiting. We are a social and friendly PvX guild with a strong WvW focus. All time zones. Raids etc in TeamSpeak. Come join us for fun and Wuv. PM for details & invite.

We have a level 60 Guild hall and we are looking to recruit some new folks who are wanting to do PvE events, Fractals, Dungeons, Story Content and much more!
We are a Gates of Madness World based guild, but don't let that stop you! You can join us regardless of world unless you are just looking to WvW that is.
If you are looking for a chill guild to jump into and hang out with a group of mature people and have fun than ART might be for you!

Whisper: Greymarch.3291 for more details in game or PM me here!

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