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May 2020 guide to post Images on the forums.

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I think some may need help to how to publish image on the forums instead of seeing your image only as "Red link". It's a very straight guide:
It also cover GIFs and youtube videos. This one is currently working currently, and I've put previews to keep track if it's still working or not.


1- Case one, you have a gw2 screenshot, or whatever picture on your computer:
->Upload it here:
->Once the image is displayed, pass over it with cursor to make a appear a textbox with a link, top-right of the picture.
-> Pass over "V" symbol to make appear a menu, choose "Get share links" (Red circle on illustration)
-> You now have a window with four links, copy "Markdown (Reddit)" one. (Yellow circle on illustration)
-> Paste it in add picture button while editing your post/comment. Press enter. (See second illustration, small one under first one)
-> The image link now appear in your post/comment editing box. Remove ([Imgur] and "") in the link at the start and end of it.
-> Click Preview button before posting, your image should be displayed now.

On Imgur:

On forums, once you pasted it press enter:

Note: If you can't press enter, it means that your link doesn't have image extension, it this case, just add .jpg / .png at the end.

2- Case two, you found an image on the internet, and the url is working in Imgur:
->Find an image, click on it until you reach an image link in your link bar at the top of your browser windows. (The link end with .jpg, .png .....)
->Instead of browsing in Imgur, this time, paste the url of your image in the empty box of the bottom. (Green circle under on illustration)
->Follow the steps in method 1.

3- Case three, you copy pasted the image link in Imgur but the website doesn't want the url:
->Right Click on picture, save picture on Desktop.
->Proceed like method 1. Upload from desktop your picture.


Original link: ![]([Imgur]( "") -> Final link: ![](


->Search for a gif by writting keyword in the white top bar.
->Left click on your favourite gif, to have a page with the menu at the right: Click copy link.
->Copy "Gif link" and paste it in Imgur like before: follow method 2.
->In addition of removing Imgur and parenthesis, this time, check the url that is generated here in your post/comment editor, if at the end, you have "gifv", remove the "v".
(See illustration under that sentence, keep the end parenthesis of course)


Giphy gif link: -> Imgur link: ![]([Imgur]( "") To obtain as a -> Final link: ![](

Youtube VIDEO

The easiest one! Copy-Paste the video URL directly here!
As example:


1-To properly display your images you need to upload them or their link on IMGUR (
2-You always copy the "Markdown (Reddit)" URL from here.
3-You paste it in the add picture button on the forum and press ENTER.
4-You remove ([Imgur] and "") in your image link added in your post/comment editing box.
5-You use preview button, if ok, you upload.

But if you still don't want to bother, you can still simply copy paste a raw image link from anywhere here, but will appear as a red link that will redirect you instead of showing directly the picture. The whole method require Imgur. All my attempt trying without it don't work.

Warning!!! Copy pasting a raw link and adding ![] and () around the link doesn't fix it! And the image will not display if the image hasn't passed through IMGUR!

Shiny links, take a look!
->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
->Project: ASURAN EXPANSION available on WIKI.
->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI


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    Or - this is how I do it

    Add to imgur
    Select BBCode Forums
    Copy link into fresh tab and remove the bracketed sections at each end of link
    Copy that new link into image drop down menu in your post

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    You could just paste directly into post instead of using add picture button. Then you don't have the go and delete the extra stuff it adds ...

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    Awesome post, thank you

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    Thanks, really miss the dead horse animations for a few of the same old request threads!! LOL

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    Too bad so few use the forum (Sticky) 'Libraries', where much of the information, such as this, is found.