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Need Condi Mirage WvW roaming advice!

mikdepadua.8376mikdepadua.8376 Member ✭✭✭

Hello guys, it’s me again. Been having a blast playing gw2 after 4 plus years of a break. Im in the process of figuring out who my main is going to be. The modes I enjoy most is wvw roaming in borderlands, a bit of ebg zerging, and spvp. Ive tried ele specs, and thief specs. Now im turning my attention to mirages. I have the general idea of how they work, but im not sure how to build them. I dont see any wvw roamers in youtube posting their builds since the 1 dodge nerf.

Also, by any chance, is there any build out there that makes use of 6 celestial trinkets? I splurged for those on my weaver and was wondering if it works for mirages.

Im leaning towards axe/torch and staff for my weapons of choice, but pistol seems okay too. Thank you once again everyone


  • Koen.1327Koen.1327 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 12, 2020
    spvp build

    in wvw i pretty much use this too, but with some fine-tuning because there's more gear involved
    trailblaizers with rune of tormenting makes you semi-immortal
    i wouldn't use cele, rather viper's or grieving for more dmg (but you become very squishy)
    swap out domi for dueling (high confusion) or chaos (high sustain) but you lose heavy boonrip and dmg overal

    not sure if you got the gear already, so i'd recommend trying the build in spvp

    i edited the post it was kinda unclear

  • mikdepadua.8376mikdepadua.8376 Member ✭✭✭

    wouldnt pistol without the bleeding trait make it a bit useless for a condi build?

  • Koen.1327Koen.1327 Member ✭✭✭

    @mikdepadua.8376 said:
    wouldnt pistol without the bleeding trait make it a bit useless for a condi build?

    its little dmg with the trait too, but you can use it and ineptitude on dueling
    i would say it is as good but cleanses and heavy boon will shut you down
    pistol is mainly used for the stun to set up burst on either build