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Hi there,

I'm always usually playing the support role, whether I am solo joining world events, or doing map completion/living stories with my gaming buddy. Is Diviner still the most suggested stat to go for when it comes to buff support + solo times? Or will Commander's still be a good route to take?

I haven't gotten to the NPC that sells the Diviner recipe just yet, so if the Diviner is indeed better, should I just make my way to that npc instead of using Commander's?

Thanks in advance.


  • Xelara.9132Xelara.9132 Member ✭✭
    edited May 15, 2020

    I think both would work for your purpose. If you want to go full support with concentration and sigils + armor runes you will not need to make full set with concentration because at some point you will hit the 100% boon duration cap. Just do not go over 100% and use Berserker or something else for the remaining pieces.

    Also you might want to think about not getting the full 100% boon duration. Because the most important buffs such as quickness can be kept up infinitely even with only around 50%. Best to test it out if you are happy with your boon durations and can keep those up or not. Traits and food matter as well.

    Toughness will trigger aggro in mobs a bit more than without, but it also increases your deffence so I would say that fact is negligible as long as you can cope with the aggro and survive.

    Personally I prefer Diviner for bit more dmg output and I can add more berserker pieces because they have higher concentration. I suppose a mix would work as well. The accessories are quite easy to get in Diviner stats. You can pick any of the living world accessories that have selectable stats and they are quite fast to farm. The armours are bit harder to get the recipe etc.
    But don't worry you can also do a stats change for ascended gear later on, which is not too expensive actually.