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[EU] LF Casual/Semi-Hardcore PvE/PvX w/ potential for raiding

tzaeru.3742tzaeru.3742 Member
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Hi all!
I'm new to the game, currently in the process of bringing my first two characters to level 80. I'm looking for a guild, both to simply reap the standard guild benefits but also to eventually try out coordinated fractals and raids.
I'm kind of a cross between casual and hardcore. I like to do content casually and I might not be a super active guild member. On the flipside, I can also get deep into optimization, I like to challenge myself with difficult content, and I've played RTS and FPS games competitively, including in amateur leagues. I don't look for that in a guild foremost, but if the guild has likeminded members, that's of course a boon!
Additionally, I play a lot with my spouse. She's much more casual than I and she prefers to mostly stick to herself and me - she's not much into groups. One day, I hope to show her wrong in the way of finding an online community that she actually feels comfortable in.. and now I hope she doesn't read this. But anyhow, she would likely join with me, but she might not really do anything in the guild.
We are currently on Gunnar's Hold, but I am willing to switch servers should I get into WvW at some point.