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Restructuring Dumats Imperium

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Hello everyone,

This was originally a very active Raiding guild but same old story drama ensues and people leave and there was a decline in members, also my original admins wouldn't Help

Dumats Imperium currently seeking out Individuals who want to help structure the guild itself I'm looking for Experienced Raiders and Devotees who want to help. You don't have to be super serious just be good. [DIm] is a level 40 guild with a near completed Guild hall already just need the man power.

The Guild Rules are Standard:
1. -Respect the individual constant pestering of another person is not tolerated if that person has explicitly said for you to stop,
2. - If i Decide to make you and officer or above entry rank i require you to rep atleast 80% of the time obviously if u have other guilds you rep with i will not bother you while you are helping them.
3. - mute the person if you do not want to hear them
4. - Offensive humour is allowed
5. - After a Month of inactivity you are removed with exceptions

--Any Questions or concerns please msg/pm me @ Magesterium.1750--

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