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[BUG - Thief] Trickster trait & Scorpion's wire

I am not sure if this has been reported before, I did a quick search of the Bug section and did not find such report though.

The trait Trickster in a Trickery trait-line on a Thief profession does not reduce the count recharge of Scorpion's Wire utility ammunition skill, it only reduces the "re-use"(that is from 1 sec ICD to 3/4 ICD) yet normally reduces the CD of other Trick-category skills.
For comparison; the Warriors trait Vigorous Shouts reduces the count recharge of all of Warriors ammunition shout skills, so since those are both ammo utility skills I can only assume that in case of the Thief's Scorpion's Wire the functionality of Trickster trait is likely bugged.

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