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[NA][PVX] Comrades of The BLood Moon 10+ Guild is Recruiting

We need fun loving players available to help out whenever.
When we get enough people I would love to get a poll on who can raid when so
that we can get those started up. Our goal is to recruit the following:

  • 2x Raid Leaders
  • 4x PvE/PvP event Leaders (2 each)
  • As well as any people who want to just be a part of the guild. If you are looking

If you are looking for a guild and don't want to go through that awkward period where everyone knows everyone but you, then this is the guild for you. We don't even have a guild hall yet! We are a brand new guild which means the following:

  • You will be able to experience all guild content even if you just joined
  • You will be a part of the getting to know each other part of the guild formation
  • You will be entitled to raids and other guild group content (though you don't have to)
  • You can be a part of setting the times for when we do big group content
  • To join just reply to this post and I will send you the discord (That's right, we have one of those!) so that we can hash out the rest of the details of your invitation.

I have wanted to start a guild for a while now, and decided to start today.
So, for a guild where you can plant some roots and help make it your own, check us out! Once you join, recruit friends to help further grow our community!