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Disconnects weirder than anything

Guys, anybody else worried with this kitten frequent "7:11:3..." error type ? The game is in a weird status where leaving it idle for like 20 seconds may result in a disconnect. Also, the problem seems to kick in mostly during chest-looting and reviving people, which is pretty much 70% of the game and it gets pretty irritating during events. What is even weirder is that it usually happens in quite calm environment, which is funny cause I would expect it to happen when there is a sh.itton of activity around the map. According to that, it seems my pc and internet arent the problem since the game barely lags and connectivity has no problems keeping up. Tried other mmos just to check and my pc lasted over 3 days online (even being idle) without a single disconnect. What is wrong with GW2 then? :/


  • Got the same problem. so barely been playing past 2 weeks. sometimes it goes 10min before a dc. but past days have been extreme. whenever i try to play the game im getting dc'd rapidly (every 3-5 min), and given up on ''attempting'' to play the game after 5-10 dc's..
    Also having ''no issues'' at all with other games.. Tryed Wtfast today as a last resort as all other fixes on my end have been tryed, didnt help at all.

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    Ye, due to this issue I have stopped playing. Sometimes it goes completely fine in busy areas and meta events, and then keeps DCing in empty maps? what the heck...feels like the game loses its connectivity when there is little to no action happening. Became tired of waking up from dead everytime I dc. The game is about reactions and timing, none of these seem to be possible at the moment for me, so I'm off.