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Server Connectivity / Unfair Punishment

Hey guys and a good evening to you all!
I'm here because my computer got tired of opening up the task manager to deal with Guild Wars 2 and I want to ask the community about these issues.

  • Server Connection -
    I have been playing the game for over a month now, with expansions and stuff.
    I do many pvp matches in a day and rely on a good connection to be able to enjoy the matches.
    My domestic connection is fine, it works fine with every single app, game, browser, you name it, my ping is stable at 40, goes 50 tops, except(only) in guild wars it is always 300+.
    I don't get it because I play online FPS games on disc with squad and my ping doesn't go to the moon and back like it does here.

There are several things that happen because of this connection:
-Infinite loading screens in PVP = Dishonor
-Random crashing during PVP = Dishonor
-Random select screen during PVP = Dishonor
(This means I can't play pvp because I'm constantly being banned from it = Unfair Punishment)

  • Random select screen during story mode = rollback to story progress.
  • Random crashing during story mode = rollback to story progress.
  • Infinite loading screens = rollback to story progress.
    (This means that story mode is way too hard to keep up with at times).

I play this game with a friend of mines who recommended the game.
He is on a different server, but he gets the same issues as me.

I've started to be afk for most of the time by now.
Of course, I get banned from pvp constantly and get rolledback on story progress(in the heart of thorns maps specially).

In this quarantine, this game is a good entertainer and if there's a fix to these issues, I'll try.
Yet I wonder if it's an issue of my hardware since it works fine with every other platform I've tried before, it's really just guild wars that give me trouble.


For the folks who like to ask questions or give statements like:
''Do you have an active internet connection while attempting to play Guild Wars 2?''

  • Yes.

''Have you tried to reset your modem/computer?''

  • 500 times.

''Is your connection data-limited?''

  • No.

''Is your computer on fire while playing Guild Wars 2?''

  • Clean/Office type computer that never had any hardware or software issue, fully updated windows 10 and windows defender 100%.

''If you're connecting from a distant place, there's no wonder your connection sucks.''

  • Well, I've played MMOs hosted in Asia (I'm currently in Brasil) and I've never had an issue before.

''Your computer has an issue XYZ followed by some un-understandable explanation to how you're having these issues.''

  • Might be true, but I guess this issue does not work for any other game/app/browser this computer is trying to connect to.


If you're an expert and have a tweak that could help me out, I'd really appreciate it! After all, Guild Wars is fun and I want to keep on supporting it.
My best regards to the community.


  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Are you NA or EU?
    Have you tried a VPN that takes a different path to the GW2 servers?

  • Hey, Cedo!
    I use the America server. I didn't think that a VPN could help, but there's a great idea! I'll definitely look into it!