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    this is what we got when you guys defending anet had plan for swordsman meaningless might stack .

    also dis

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    Yea but look at those changes. This wasn't a balance patch, the only changes there were bug fixes.

    Expect changes when we get an actual balance patch, which will probably be in 2 months or so -_-

    No it wasnt. Ranger got NONE of its bugs and issues fixed. It likely has more bugs and issues than all the other new specs combined lol
    and what did it get? Nerfed pet :( Though wont stop me using the pet either way.

    Most bug fixes go in regular balance patches. Bug fixes outside of that are for much more serious bugs that cause a spec to overperform, not underperform. Though I don't know why the guardian trait got addressed.

    Apparently they dont think it's a serious bug that axe is useless from bugs.

    Axe isnt breaking pvp tho