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Please let the medium or medium high link up together instead of very high and full servers with a medium one.
It really makes to easy to win t1 non stop and its extremely boring.
I like being outnumbered with my server and with this its practically not possible.


  • aspirine.6852aspirine.6852 Member ✭✭✭✭

    How about full servers not getting any link at all? Not sure if that is possible with the current tiers :/

  • Jilora.9524Jilora.9524 Member ✭✭✭

    You get that would leave full to link w vh or full. I mean it would prevent the bandwagon but create worst population balance. Sbi will be linked w like ebay or a med pop. Fc will get nsp or gom high pop and all the fc bandwagons will swap to ebay med pop to keep this current bandwagon going. Who ever gets linked w fc gets screwed but anet will just run hours with no thought to what happens after

    WvW bandwagoners have small D's and never left their house even before Covid19

  • Balthazzarr.1349Balthazzarr.1349 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It won’t make any difference how we are paired up. The bandwagoners will do their thing as usual and unbalance the populations as quickly as they’re balanced.

  • CrimsonNeonite.1048CrimsonNeonite.1048 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 22, 2020

    Underworld went from medium to very high during the last link, now it's much less active in T5 as a host. A full server in T3 has 16k less kills, but has been locked from transfers compared to two T1 hosts in recent weeks and RoF dropped to medium this week.

    The Linking system is bad for 'competitive' balance, but good for Anet because people buy and spend gems, also for those players who want to try another server, bandwagon or get different fights as a guild or pug.

  • Yeah i just hope that the smaller servers actually get linked up, instead of linking a small with a very big one. That is waaaay more balanced atleast to my idea.

  • XenesisII.1540XenesisII.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 22, 2020

    For NA there's 8 full, 4 very high servers for the 12 host.
    Where exactly are you going to park the 12 other medium and high servers?
    Make another tier of three 4 link beast servers? where bandwagons will stack just for the huehuehue of it.
    Then get people to cry harder about imbalance and lost server identity again for another 2 months?

    Edit: was pretty sure I posted a response like this yesterday in this thread.. I must be losing my mind...

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  • Dayra.7405Dayra.7405 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 22, 2020

    The linking-balance isn't bad.

    It's even so good, that a lot of people have to transfer directly afterwards, till they finally reached the imbalane they like :)

  • crossing my fingers of just joining a lower tier server that is medium or high :D .