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No serial codes after purchasing expansions

I have made a support ticket (no reply as of yet), called ArenaNet, called my bank all to make sure the purchase went through. My bank stated that the purchase went through.

From my perspective I have given ArenaNet money and received nothing - not even a confirmation of purchase email.

Yes the correct email is associated with the account.

Very frustrating situation that after research seems to happen to quite a few customers. What should I be doing to expedite this.

Tempted to tell the bank to cancel the transaction at this point.

Here's to hoping this gets resolved quickly :(


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    If you've researched it, you know it can take a few hours for the Serial Key to arrive.
    If you charge-back the purchase, you won't be able to transact with ArenaNet or Digital River, again. Permanently.

  • Been much longer than a few hours - just trying to reach out here in hopes of this getting resolved sooner. Feels bad having the money drawn from my account without even a receipt of purchase from ArenaNet.

    Related question: whats everyone's experience with how long a support ticket takes to get a response?

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    @sssssssteve.1490 said:
    Related question: whats everyone's experience with how long a support ticket takes to get a response?

    Previously usually a resolution in 1-2 days which I would say is great. Since the EU server failure/rollback things have been very weird and different.

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    Due to high volume, and the current crisis, responses to tickets are longer than the usual 'within 72 hours'.
    It could be several days, or even weeks. Though, Billing issues are usually higher priority.

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    Dang. Well hopefully I'll be riding around on a mount within the week I suppose. Thanks for the info y'all :)

  • @sssssssteve.1490 said:
    Dang. Well hopefully I'll be riding around on a mount within the week I suppose. Thanks for the info y'all :)

    Don't forget that there is some holidays close to this weekend, so it might take one or two working day more then usually even during normal circumstances.

    As for no serial code I can tell you that I am also waiting for a recipe for a purchase that I made in Gem Store that normally will send an email with information about purchase. So there is something going on with their payment and email system that isn't working as it should. Everything worked in game as it should during purchase, so I have got my Gems and money have been reserved at my bank, it is only email with recipe for that purchase that haven't been sent to my email account yet.

    Expect at least 4 days before you will see any update of your ticket (or more). Make sure that your bank or card issuer will not cancel transaction before you know what is going on. If they can not solve their issue or at least update ticket with information before 14 days then they have a serious problem. European consumer laws regulate that even digital services give consumer right to cancel their order and Digital River inc. is an Irish company which have to follow European laws. In your case you haven't even been able to get a serial code, so in that case you are entitled to with draw from purchase within this time, but only first after you have made ANet aware of your situation. Most banks at least in Europe don't hold a purchase for ever and have a set date when transaction (reservation on account) will be cancelled.

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    Digital River is an American company.

  • @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Digital River is an American company.

    Link from same page that is down here:

    From that document is shows that it is an agreement with an Irish based office for Digital River.

    That you can check yourself by open Gem Store and pick to buy Gems, on the first page that open when pick how much you want to purchase there is clearly Digital River International Ireland in small print.

    It doesn't matter if Digital River have their main office in America. They have an office on Ireland and that is a country in Europe and every company that operates in Europe have to follow laws that are in Europe for trade and consumer laws.