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Bug? [some] UI text is blurry

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Some UI text seems to be a bit blurry, for example numbers on items in the backpack. Running the same resolution as pre patch today, tried with the new DPI scaling on/off, no difference. Now, this may have been the case even prior to this patch, but I don't think so. Also, it seems to mostly affect the items in the middle area, vertical axis, on the screen, it's better at the top and bottom.

Running 1680x1050, vsync off, native Render Sampling, windowed Full Screen.



  • MorganOneNine.1025MorganOneNine.1025 Member ✭✭
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    I'm seeing that, too. Was coming to make a post about it until I saw yours, so if you don't mind me piggybacking for more data...

    I immediately noticed some oddly fuzzy UI text after today's patch, and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I've noticed it in just about every window with text: vendor lists, my inventory, the achievement panel, the trading post, etc. The weird thing is, it seems dependent on where the window is onscreen, and it's only happening in GW2. I'm playing at 1280x1024 with the "small" UI setting, same as always, and I've tried enabling/disabling DPI scaling to no effect. The only thing that's changed (afaik) is the patch.

    Animated gif

    ^ In "position 1" of the gif, the vendor window is in the center of my screen and the text is noticeably fuzzy; in "position 2" I've moved it off to one side and the text has cleared up, looking crisp like it did before today's patch. It's the exact same window, just positioned in two different spots. I'm absolutely certain windows and text weren't doing this before today's patch because the resulting eye strain today is palpable.

    And here's an Imgur album with the animated gif and two static jpgs.

    (edit) I've been able to consistently replicate the issue... If you're on the character select screen and open any of the options windows, move it to the top of the screen, and it looks like some of the text has a white 'shadow' or duplicate font behind it, along with the fuzziness. Once you get about halfway down the screen, suddenly the duplication and fuzziness go away and the fonts are clear again. So for some reason the top half of the screen is fuzzing/blurring text, while the bottom half of the screen looks decent.

  • Thanks, that's exactly what is happening for me as well, with the difference for me it's on the center of the screen - it clears up at the top and at the bottom. Very weird indeed. The animated gif you provided clearly shows the issue.

    I probably should say I'm running AMD Radeon RX570 graphics, driver version 17.7.2, Win 10 pro.

  • Some test seems to point at Interface Size SMALL to be the reason for this.

  • At 1920x1200, it's only blurry at Larger for me, large and below are crisp.

  • I have the interface set to small, the game has been blurry since the halloween patch, most notably in the windows. Chat seems fine. The new DPI option doesn't help.

  • Same here. Never had this issue before...

  • same issue. "larger" ui size is the problem, going down to large or smaller fixes the blur

  • The same issue.

  • Still not fixed with the latest patch.

  • MorganOneNine.1025MorganOneNine.1025 Member ✭✭
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    I did some more testing and found that--as others have noted--the fuzziness happens when the Interface is set to Small, Large, or Larger. Fonts are crisp and clear at Normal, but because I run 1280x1024 that makes the interface incredibly cluttered.

    I'm using a GeForce GTX 760, Win7 64bit, 1280x1024, and DPI scaling is off in-game.

    Devs, any word on this?

  • @OGDeadHead.8326 said:
    Thanks, that's exactly what is happening for me as well, with the difference for me it's on the center of the screen - it clears up at the top and at the bottom.

    For the last few tests, I would like to rectify this - it's almost at the top of the screen, and almost at the bottom. Something like 'the center of the top half of the screen, and the center of the bottom half'

  • Jon Olson.8439Jon Olson.8439 Member ✭✭✭

    I've posted a thread so that everyone can provide their feedback together. Please use that thread in the future.

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