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Thank you a _lot_ for the new GH tree decorations

I rarely say thanks (sorry!), but when I do, I mean it. The new Guild Hall tree decorations are downright amazing!

  • Those trees are available in all meaningful sizes - something many nice decorations fail, like the Wintersday fog machine being for ants, or the new SAB Dark Trees being much too large. They are big enough to not annoy with the decoration limit too quickly.
  • They also look accurate if placed on steep hills due to going underground a bit - other decorations are simply cut off right at the ground, and since you can't place objects underground in the GH as in the original map editor, it makes them to look badly placed and glitchy.
  • Then they manage to look great in all environments I tested - desert, ice, jungle, and that at day and at night.

The best 100 war supplies ever spent in case you are a GH decorator.

I just very, very quickly (like 3 minutes at most) turned the hall of my guild into a mashed up forestopia, but there are a lot more exciting things I can think of creating with them when spending more time... deep forests by a river, sky high metaphysical forests, buildings surrounded by them...). Here, enjoy this quick flora frenzy of mine (sorry, no night fotus, I didn't wanna wait another hour!).

Again, thanks to whoever created them and decided to give these great assets into the hands of decorators.


  • jediwolf.8724jediwolf.8724 Member ✭✭✭

    I have been asking on the forums to get more trees for guild halls using the lumber cores.
    I have to agree these are great. I have bought a bunch of them. Please more stuff like this.

  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 31, 2020

    Love it!!

    Natural decorations are my favourite kind ^^

    Still hoping that one day we'll finally be able to get the Peach Tree from Lake Doric in our Guildhall, it is a tribute to one of my friends and guild leaders after all ^^
    PRTY Guild needs it's Peach Tree :D