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Which condi guardian build is best for wvw?

aaron.7850aaron.7850 Member ✭✭✭

Because sometimes I get bored of healing

I see there are several builds to choose from, theres burndragon hunter, theres condi firebrand and there is core burn guardian.
I do plan on testing each one out, but for those that are experienced, which is more easy or offers the most advantages?


  • RisenHowl.2419RisenHowl.2419 Member ✭✭✭✭

    core offers the highest potential damage. zeal 331, radiance 121, virtues 321

    dh offers ~5-10% less damage but has better defensive CDs and CC. zeal 331, virtues 331, dh 321

    firebrand offers the best group/boon/stab support and can go either melee (radiance 121) or ranged (zeal 331) with virtues 331 and fb 213

  • ShadowCatz.8437ShadowCatz.8437 Member ✭✭✭

    @aaron.7850 said:
    Because sometimes I get bored of healing

    I see there are several builds to choose from, theres burndragon hunter, theres condi firebrand and there is core burn guardian.
    I do plan on testing each one out, but for those that are experienced, which is more easy or offers the most advantages?

    I would suggest that you at least have enough vitality (goal around 15 K) and toughness (goal 2500) as base. More vitality/toughness can be converted into condition damage and duration through food and tool (consumables). In WvW with Glasscanon (no increase in neither of T or V) you will have too much damage to be able to heal up, cleanse condition or take too much direct damage from hits (power type of damage). I haven't unlocked DH yet, so I can only compare with FB and Core.

    FB is good at providing support when you run with other people, but for solo support it is not fast enough to use its mechanic with Virtues and Tomes. I can not use healing from Tomes when my health is going down. It works to fasts get extra condi cleanse and back to normal skills (when you use Tomes all your skills are replaced with Tomes skill).

    As for weapon in WvW you will probably have more use of Shield and Focus then Torch as OH. Both Focus and Shield offer good defensive skills, Shield have a knockback (can be combined with FB trait Stoic Demeanor: immob, burning and slow), Focus a block (Shield of Wrath - this is not Aegis boon block, but its own type) with a blast for those Light fields that Guardian have access to produce (meaning you can cleanse condi for yourself and other in melee range).

    There is no condition weapon with range for core and only Axe (melee) for FB. (Dragonhunter have their Long Bow, but I haven't played it yet, so I can not tell how that work in WvW or PvE setting). Scepter (have an immobile) can be used to for its symbol (protection boon) and get Might (which increase both power and condition damage).
    Mace is a defensive weapon that can work with condition form JoV procs. As it auto attack is rather close combat type, it isn't that useful when you fight enemies that can teleport away or dodge. I like best Sword as have a built in small teleport to target, creates a symbol (field) that can be blasted with Focus and isn't delayed in any form. It also offer a blind from symbol. Zealot's Defence work by block missiles and send away rather strong projectiles in response. Be careful to use this when enemy put up a reflect.

    Hammer is in my opinion a midrange weapon as you can immobilise from range: 1200 and have leap (300 range) which you can blast field with. It have an AoE circular ward that force enemy to stay inside or outside this ward, but its auto attack is very short range. The third attack creates a symbol with Light field, give protection for allied inside of field. It also have a launch (CC) skill that will throw back enemies.

    Staff have max range, but it doesn't offer condition by itself. I find that staff work best when you use as support weapon when you are in a group and don't wont to get too close of the major fights. You have field that blocks enemy player (knockback), but it is rather delayed, so most enemies will already be in your face if you use it for solo or roaming.

    As condition weapon I put sigils that does procs from crit to re-apply condition (outside of burn/fire). Use at least one Sigil of Cleansing (procs when changing weapon and when changing Virtues - cleanse of 3 condi each time and have 9 seconds CD). Poison is a good option, Torment and those condition that will get a boost from condition damage or duration. Don't invest too much into duration (expertise) as most players in WvW have access to cleans or boons like Resistance or Retaliation. I have tried to max burn duration, but it is not the way it works when we talk about mobile targets. Purging Flames have a tool tip around 9-12K for burning, but it is rather useless when targets dodge out of it and it also have a delay (3/4 seconds) to activate which make it useless for mobile targets. With FB in a group support setting it is a useful skill as it also have a fire field for blasting Might) and condi cleanse (puls). Use skills that can hit targets like Spirit Weapon (range type - need to be trait to procs burning damage) or teleport with Judge's Intervention that will apply burn by hitting target. Have 45 sec CD and will go down to 36 sec when traited for it.

    Look up quad attribute gear on wiki like Trailblazer, Viper, Griver etc. Don't forget that you can get trinkets from Bloodstone Fen rather fast, if you don't want to spend Laurels on ascended trinkets and back pack. Don't go all out on damage or condition damage as you will loose HP very fast when you don't have any blocks up to block damage and there are some hits that can take away 5k very fast. If you run with a group you will have more built in support in how you use your skills, weapon and traits. In solo or roaming setting you will have to build for more surprise attack. I don't know how many times I have been jumped just because some one though I was an easy target which is true. Without any tools to get away we are stuck to fight or die.

    Aegis duration will be low as when we are focused on condition duration in most cases which also makes us less defensive then what we could have been. FB are strong not because of Tomes or from burning, but from how it make use of Quickness as a boon to also increase condition damage and vitality stat for that duration when we quickness active. Core Guardian condition is only boosted from how much condition damage you have and its duration. With how much cleanse that are needed independent on what you are running in WvW, it is less important to have high duration then to be able to re-apply damage or cover it so it will not be removed while it is effect. Be careful that you don't get all your condition returned (retaliation, reflected) or converted into boon (burn>might) on your target.

  • Lan Deathrider.5910Lan Deathrider.5910 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Burn DH. Scepter Focus + Sword/Torch. Swap sword for staff for long range fights. Sword of Justice and Shield of the Avenger. Wall of Reflection is the top DPS option, but SoA gives longer upkeep of projectile defense, and weakens enemies so that they can dodge less frequently, which makes SoJ and your symbols do more damage overall.