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Mapwide lag spikes

Has been map wide lagging, especially desert highlands today, and pretty bad lag since the issues with the server a couple of weeks ago really!

Lots of people on the map were reporting spikes today so its not a local or ISP issue.


  • Started getting error codes 7:11:3:202:101 at 1:00 Am Mountain. Any time I would head to an event, would pause out, then would see the error codes 7:11:3:202:101 screen. In all my years since beta it's not been THIS BAD. Why now?!?

  • John.8507John.8507 Member ✭✭✭

    Still lots of lags, especially the living world 4 maps??

  • John.8507John.8507 Member ✭✭✭

    Everyone on the maps are reporting them so its not just me?!

  • melody.2601melody.2601 Member ✭✭✭

    Yesterday on Thunderhead Peaks (LWS4) a friend and I went to do the Story, it was a really unpleasant experience, sometimes the Ping spiked as high as 3700ms, the whole Map Chat was reporting extrem lag. Today its on the Domain of Vabbi. Please think about switching Servers, it is getting out of hand more and more unplayable areas, is this really how you want the players to experience the awesome content you worked so hard on? Think about Cantha release, do you really want bad news upfront and after the release?

  • Its happening now on Thunderhead peaks, ive had it on Istan, and jahai bluffs too really bad lag spikes, ive done all the necessary debug steps and its definitely on anets side with the map server IP's everything else anet host seems up and stable. potentially an application problem AWS havent reported any major issues.

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  • Friday.7864Friday.7864 Member ✭✭✭

    Has been happening for a while already =.=
    Some LWS4 maps had issues for months.
    And they're doing nothing about it


    See that thread, hopefully the link works. I posted my current and up to date findings to help folks troubleshoot and work around the server lag issue, the server lag issue impacts more than LWS4 maps.

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