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Severe Lag Spikes & Disconnect - Error Code 7:11:3:202:101

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So I have been playing Guild Wars for a few months now and I have had zero issuesd with connectivity until the last few weeks. I thought it might have been my internet so I have updated my in house router and and my download speeeds are hitting 30-50mbs.

In game I play fine but then all of a sudden i'm getting high ping of 400+ and then everything freezes. Eventually I disconnect and get this error code: 7:11:3:202:101

I don't see another post about this specific error code but others of a similar format relate to disconnects, is anyone able to advise please?



  • I got on tonight, 1:00 AM Mountain, and there's like maybe 4 players at Fire Elemental. Ping 439, but the lag is absolutely horrible. The FE is hitting people and knocking them down in two hits, and they are unable to be resurrected or able to res themselves. Then you die, cannot waypoint out, and get DC. Heck, lot of times am fighting and suddenly stuff is not registering, but the FE was still damaging and interrupting cause there's like no one there.

    Rebooted the computer, router, twice. But to the game, error codes 7:11:3:202:101 from the Payette, Idaho region. Is the game being hacked again?

    Was weird, harvested in home, then guild hall. Then some character was asking me to join my guild, said was dead. he's asking why I was in it. Cause it's a home and let me do things I could not otherwise. Wasn't even a few minutes that I started getting those error codes 7:11:3:202:101 every 10 to 15 minutes. This some new IP hacking thing I wonder?

    Might be why no one is doing anything if their getting kicked offline from the client/server issue. As much money as I've dumped into the game the last few month I would expect better game play... /le sigh

  • just got it too, every 2-3 minutes I get the error code 7:11:3:202:101, and I'll get disconnected from the server..

  • I have gotten the same error code twice today and twice yesterday doing the heart of Thorns story quest. It also seems to happen near the end of the mission. Did anyone get an update on this issue?

  • Have been having the same problem ever since the No Quarter patch came in, can't go even half an hour without getting disconnected or getting massive lag spikes

  • Logging in, getting disconnected and getting Error Code 7:11:3:202:101