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Get Rid of the Stupid "Tail Flail" Achievement

evon.6890evon.6890 Member
edited June 17, 2020 in In-Game Events

I have been trying to get this kitten achievement for 2 weeks now. I kn ow you can get it, I have seen people get it, but it shouldn't be this god kitten hard to do it. The tail swipe is too subtle so you dont have any visual on when to actually dodge and then the bloaters that walk behind him who are supposed to explode ONLY ON DEATH are exploding right when they walk up to you. Besides all that, you can only really get the kitten achievement during the first 25% because after that Teq is stunned for the remainder of the fight because apparently Teq is just a freaking punching bag and NOT A GOD kitten DRAGON THAT SHOULD BE EATING PEOPLE. Either get rid of the achievement, make the tail swing more freaking obvious or make it so Teq isnt a kitten punching bag after the first 25%


  • I just got it yesterday. Its all about timing. Same with draakar, when ya need to evade him jumping up. Ya need to time it perfectly

  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭✭

    You can read some tips on this thread. I got it in one of the first fights against Tequatl, I'm not even sure I really dodged. Your position seems the most important thing.