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Lore Question: Stormcaller

Temujin.7356Temujin.7356 Member ✭✭

Hey all you GW1 players,

Was wondering why stormcaller weapons were a thing in this episode, then I hear a certain horn blasting in the story mission finale.....and then came the bombardments. So do you guys think the Dominion Charr used Stormcaller (the horn from Black Citadel) on us? It would make sense for those weapons to be available. Not sure about the Tengu. There seems to be just one Tengu vendor.


  • Konig Des Todes.2086Konig Des Todes.2086 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Very, very, exceptionally unlikely. Even then in GW1 all it did was fulfill its namesake - it called a thunderstorm. Though the charr next to the horn in BC exaggerates the effectiveness of the storm on the charr, it did weaken them and put out fires - tbh, it seems more like a tool to prevent droughts than a weapon or key to salvation as the 'prophecy' about it said. There's nothing even close to artillery bombardment from it.

    The weapons also look nothing like Stormcaller - the mouthpiece of which you can get in GW2 even, from two sources that are ever-so-slightly different no less: Mountaincall Warhorn and Windstorm.

    Personally, the naming is weird, but I don't think there's any intended relation. Rather, I think they were just making weapons that utilize lodestones and settled on Charged this time (last time was the draconian lodestones, and tengu uses Onyx iirc; I'll bet Episodes 5-8 will be utilizing Glacial, Molten, and w/e the plant one was called).

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  • Kalavier.1097Kalavier.1097 Member ✭✭✭

    The Stormcaller horn was broken by the Charr, when you go to it in the Black Citadel you can see a chunk of it is separated from the rest and lifted up. IIRC the stormcaller weapons are mentioned to be elemental infused weapons made by the charr/Pact.

    I doubt the big Stormcaller was used by the Frost Legion/dominion because that'd be quite the heist to pull off in the heart of Ascalon and the Capital of the Iron Legion.

  • draxynnic.3719draxynnic.3719 Member ✭✭✭✭

    From what I recall from the Guild Chat, the horn you hear is essentially a charr equivalent of an air raid siren, used as a warning to either evacuate the area or to seek shelter. It's part of a system used by the United Legions to warn of incoming fire, rather than being part of the source of the incoming fire.

    The Stormcaller weapon sets are described as being an experimental weapon program of the United Legions. It is curious that they don't look much like traditional charr designs, and it's possible that they've extracted magic from the original Stormcaller to make them. They're apparently going to be upgradeable, so we might find out more about them in the future.