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Issues of instabilities design

Safandula.8723Safandula.8723 Member ✭✭✭✭

I see few main issues with instabilities rn.
First of all, most of the instabilities, dont matter at all. There are literally few instabs that can actually annoyingly affect ur gameplay.
Social awkwardness - curent fractal party composition , requires party to stack, which is made harder/impossible in some cases, but its not the main problem. What slippery slope showed us, is that losing control over ur character is annoying, not to many ppl likes, to press buttons and dont get proper response. Same thing with social. Other problem is, u cant fully counterplay that instab by urself, and ur positioning, but ur always affected by 4 other players. I play with decent people, and i never had situation, when ppl found 1 position and didnt move at all, theres always someone pushing other people.
Fixes: just remove it

We bleed fire - Overall not bad, as u can reflect, or go inside hitbox. Main problem with this instab is how it works with Social awkwardness. Again u cant counterplay this instab by yourself. Other issue are heavy trash mob fractals. Theres simply no thing u can do to avoid all the burn, even if renegade knows how to use ventari.
Fixes: disable the possibility for wbf, to appaear with social awkwardness
Flux bomb - this instability should be disabled from both cms. Both cms are rly fast paced, and putting flux bomb on 1 random player, forcing him to delay his burst is just bad design, it shouldnt be happening. in other t4s, its rly good instab - u can either kitten ur team, or blind trash mobs.
Fixes: disable this instab from CMs

NPNG - nightmare of each renegade. And thats the main problem, it cucks mainly renegade and noone else, which is bad design. Now its renegade, previously it was bs or chrono, anyway its always put on 1 player only, while mechanics should be spread around all party. Now in t4s main problem is with pof fractals, where prot is baseline without npng. With npng present, its just impossible to strip all boons reliably.
Fixes: Many things can be done here. After stripping boons from target, give enemy debuff that makes him take increased dmg, stun enemy or some other- solutions like this would result in new interesting strategies, where u can utilise npng. Replace protection with quickness. Make instabs stay for few days instead of cycling everyday - this way ppl can learn to deal with it properly (ill talk about it later). Fix the buggy triggering. Any changes would be good, as in current state npng is just bad.

Last laugh - im quite sure, that stunning enemies, dont reliably give you stability as description says.
Fixes: fix it

Other instabilities usually dont rly matter. You can get 1 shoted if ur not carefull, but thats all. So from all instabilities, most doesnt matter, and some just ruin ur experience.

Another problem with instabilities is inability to make reliable records. Fractals are great, and theres many place for speedruns, but becouse of instabilities its just annoying to do. Instabilities mentioned above make it impossible to go for a record.
Fix: give us button in each T4 fractal to turn of the instabilities at the cost of not getting rewards (including daily chests). This way, people wanting daily rewards, are still forced to play with instabs, but speedrunning scene will improve dramaticly.

Next point would be inconsistency - instabilities changing every day, are propably 1 of the worst part of it. Making instabilities last from few days to 1 week, would make people respond to them much better. It mainly comes to NPNG, where most renegades cant properly learn their cucked malyx rotation, as this instab is to inconsistent. Making instabilities last longer, would force people to adjust to it much better than it is happening right now.

Imo instabilities in current state, are more of an annoyance, than real difficulty, and it should be changed.

make prepardness baseline plz