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Are dungeons still relevant? (Returning Player)


2012-2013 player here !

A little bit of story before I get to the main post , feel free to skip that part though :
I used to play GW1 since 2010, moved to gw2 when it came out and played a year or so (between 2012-2013).
Then I played on and off, one-two weeks a year until 2019, and I haven't played GW2 since.

What I used to love doing was running/selling dungeon path's (Arah P1234, Caudecus P2, HoTW P1, That dungeon with Faolain ? and obviously Ascalonian Catacombs).

Now I know that since then, there's been two DLC and new content(ascended armors, raids, legendary armors).
Ever since HoT came out, I felt like dungeons were not as active anymore. Everybody was farming fractals for ascended trinkets and cash.

So my question is very simple :
Are dungeons still relevant as in :
1. Do they still bring money(sellable paths, weekly clear) ?
2. Is there still a playerbase who's dedicated to dungeons ?
3. Did ANet anounce a revamp of the current dungeon system ?

Thank you.

PS : English isn't my mother tongue but I thought I'd ask on the english forums since they are probably more populated than the other ones...
PS2 : Did they finally implement Bone Dragon Staff in GW2 or is it still a fantasm ?


  • Linken.6345Linken.6345 Member ✭✭✭✭

    1 Yes they do you cant run the same path over and over to gain max gold anymore, You have to do 8 diffrent paths now.
    2 Not like it was before probabely some guilds focusing on it maybe.
    3 a clear NO on this one.

    1. Reward for dungeon is: money (1g for Arah, 30-60silv other paths) + dungeon currency and its daily. Additionaly if u finish any 8 paths you receive 5 gold + dungeon currency that you choose. So you can do 2 x AC, TA, SE, CoF you get ~ 3 gold + 5 gold = 8 gold. Those are easy paths that have active players but i dont think they will pay and share with you that 8 gold. Additionaly if they do that 8 paths they get 150 dungeon currency from dungeon they choose (e.g. arah, that they didnt play ). That makes 'selling paths' even harder. On the top of that final reward is mostly cosmetic - you get exotic gear while end-game content requires ascendet one. So yes, you have players to form a group but i dont think you find many of them interested in paying. Plus time wasted on waiting and forming group could be spend somewhere else. To compare: im new to fractals, doing daily t3 i do 3 paths . That give me 9 rewards. Not only the reward is higher (daily >4 gold for 3 paths) but i receive asc gear (piece depending on a stat (2 weeks gave me 8 pieces of armor + 1 weapon chest). While it has rng (lottery) the odds favour active players. I cant compare resources that i get but im sure that fractals give me more of them too. Personally i enjoy dungeons over fractals but the truth is: not only fractals give more rewards but they give it faster. So if you wanna max your income its better to focus on fractals.
      HoT and PoF made players more powerfull so even random group will clear and finish every dungeon path, there is no need for meta there, that means that 2-3 dungeon veteran will carry other players for free (like when sb fail while skipping)
  • kharmin.7683kharmin.7683 Member ✭✭✭✭
    1. Dungeons were replaced with Fractals... which seem to be replaced with Strikes

    I am a very casual player.

  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I always do dungeon stories along side the personal story but I don't run the explorables that much unless I feel like it.