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Not receiving 2 week bank on new character and not able to submit bug report.

This is a paid account. I just created a new character and did the first event in the village of shaemor and noticed once again that I did not receive a 2 week bank in the mail for the second time. The mail account is not full. I did receive a 2 week bank last week on my other paid account. I attempted to submit a bug report including a picture showing the empty mail and empty character and IT"S NOT POSSIBLE TO LEAVE A BUG REPORT. Dispite numerous attempts, the submit button does nothing. Please provide the 2 week bank and check out the bug report system. Thanks!


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    They are not. Only Deluxe Edition Core/Heart of Thorns accounts receive 2-week Banker Golems.
    Newer Deluxe Editions receive different bonus items.

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    My Guild Wars 2 (Origonal) account was purchased 3 weeks before this document was posted. I see " Guild Wars 2 (original) accounts do not have access to Heart of Thorns (expansion) or Path of Fire (expansion) features. In particular, they are not able to use gliding, obtain any mount and unlock the mastery points in central Tyria. ADDITIONAL limitations apply only to free accounts". I see "Initial Resources New (paid/fully unlocked) accounts receive the following: Starting equipment, received following character creation, which includes armor, a weapon, and a 20-slot bag, but it's not a new account. Looking at which is presented as the full explaination, is even more confusing.
    What I suspect is that an update to a deluxe edition is required, and I think I may have seen it in the gem shop recently. Wont be buying any version of Hot.

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    Banker Golem (2 weeks)

    Purchase either the Digital Deluxe or Collector's Edition of Guild Wars 2. This item will be sent to each new character via the in-game mail system in a mail titled "Special Item Delivery".

    Having the HoT or PoF deluxe editions will not provide this item. Having the base GW2 game will absolutely not provide this item.

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    If you want to use the mastery system (core tyria, hot, pof) you will need to buy the expansion (PoF in this case as it includes HoT for free (and also paid core game for free)).

    Hot > this gives gliding, masteries from core tyria and HoT, raids from HoT, living world season 3 access*
    Pof > this gives mounts, masteries from core tyria and PoF, raids from PoF, living world season 4 and 5 (icebrood saga) access*

    *keep in mind you would only get episodes for free if you had logged in during the time they launched, else you have to buy in gem store (can be done with gold to gems).

    The items you get from purchasing the core game or an expansion is just once per account (so you will only receive it with your 1st character of the account). In other words, you will get armor, weapon, 20 slot bag once per account.

    If you do get the expansion of Pof with the Hot included (cheapest option), you will only get 1 lvl 80 character booster (in the past you got 2, 1 for the hot expansion and 1 for the pof expansion). You can still do so but then you have to buy HoT first, and PoF later. But this is ofcourse more expensive. The other items you would get you still get normally as if you had bought both expansions seperatly in the past (excluding items for veterans that owned the core game and/or expansions before certain dates).

    If you only have the core paid game, you can not buy an updated version like a deluxe edition since Arenanet no longer sells them ever since HoT came out. Occasionally they do have some promotions with 3rd parties where you can win a code for a Heroic Edition but these are super rare and if you don't live in the US you are generally out of luck as well.

    As for free accounts, this is the same as a paid core game but with restrictions or no access to mail/chat/tp/no daily login bonus/gold to gems exchange/forum usage.

    So if you want to be able to play the full game you will be best off to buy the PoF expansion (for these you can buy upgrade editions while purchasing PoF as well as in the gem store when you have PoF). PoF expansion will always include the HoT expansion but if you don't want to play HoT, you do not have to. You can just keep away from its masteries, maps and story. However, the maps and the gliding are very nice and you have more options for professions to play. You can play the maps and story in any order you want.

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    For clarity, I'm refering to the 2 week golem bank I receive on all new characters made with a paid account with the Digital Deluxe Version purchased from the gem shop. I wondered what was different since both accounts were paid but there is a {show} option on the "Account Types" page that verifies it was the digital deluxe gem shop purchase that granted the mistfire wolf and golem banker, among other items, that I had made on the first account but not the second. Looks like I missed it when it was offered around May 1st. I'll buy PoF as soon as it's available without installing Hot. Thanks for the help.

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    Path of Fire without Heart of Thorns won't be available through ArenaNet or it's retailers. You will have to find an old Serial Key someone still has. Just make sure they are authorized, or you may just waste the money. (Not sure that's what you are looking for, when you say you are looking for Path of Fire without [installing] Heart of Thorns.)

    The 3 different Digital Deluxe Upgrades (for Core, or HoT, or PoF) are always available in the Gem Store. Sometimes, they are offered at a discount.

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    Thanks! I must have looked at the Digital Deluxe upgrade a thousand times but never recognized it for what it was. When I bought it on the other account many years ago the sticker shock must have stuck with me and I just glossed over it. That occasional discount was in May.
    Yes, I'm looking for the mount ability as it's become rediculous trying to get to an event before it's over, and although gliding is fun, I really dont want to get stuck with doing Hot dailys.