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Crafting Bloodstone dust into bricks and other stuff


My inventory is going full of 250 stacks bloodstone dusts, empyreal fragments and the other one. Question is, how can I refine them? I already got Leatherworking on 500 and weaponsmithing 388, but I cant see where I could refine these resources? do those Bloodstone bricks goes into material deposit inventory or inside my bags?


  • anninke.7469anninke.7469 Member ✭✭✭

    Yes, the bricks go in your material storage. As for refining, you should find it in your crafting menu under Obsidian Refinement (iirc) and you need Obsidian Shards and Thermocatalyst Reagents. (Same for empyreal fragments and dragonite ore.)

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  • Dilemas.5348Dilemas.5348 Member ✭✭

    Thanks for reply, but No Obsidian refirement found.. in craft menu :( what is wrong :(

  • Skotlex.7580Skotlex.7580 Member ✭✭✭✭
    According to the wiki it should be automatic.

    However, a bit of a side question... do you have a use for these bricks? Because for the majority of the player base, bloodstone dust, empyreal fragments and dragonite ore are pretty much junk material, and they are mostly just tossed away. Do you have a use for them?

  • AliamRationem.5172AliamRationem.5172 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Either refine them into bricks, etc. which may be stored in material storage and utilized mainly for ascended weapon/armor crafting, but also for various collections. You won't need anywhere near as much of these materials as the game provides, however. So, most people also collect items that allow you to consume these raw materials in exchange for some loot. It isn't much, but it's better than simply tossing it!

    The item "Herta" is an example of such an item. It allows you to consume 250 bloodstone dust per day. And there are others which consume Empyreal fragments and Dragonite ore (or combinations of these) so you can manage this stuff without constantly refining it.

    At the bottom of this page you can see a list of similar items you may acquire to help you deal with these materials.

  • HnRkLnXqZ.1870HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Make sure you have the correct discipline selected when you search for the recipe. In most cases when I open the Hero Panel, it automatically opens the wrong profession. The one that is not completely leveled up. If you access if with the hero-panel, use the drop-down menue below the word Hero to switch between the crafting professions. If you search in Weaponsmithing, you will not find anything as it only unlocks at level 450. It is easy to find when you write "obs", "therm", "brick" or "bloods" in the search box.

  • Use the Gleam of Sentience to convert these "trash" items into loot.

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