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[NA] Bards Against Dragons [BAD} PvE Guild, New Player Haven :)

wowyersmart.9315wowyersmart.9315 Member ✭✭
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Are you interested in getting into fractals or other pve content, but don't have a group of friends or players to do so with?! Are you anxious about jumping into content and getting yelled at?
We here at BAD are a newly formed guild that wants to enjoy the excitement of building a guild hall of our own and creating our own great atmosphere for people to be apart of! It's going to take a lot of time to grow, but for now our main goals are to focus on gathering players that enjoy helping one another! New players are especially welcome so that this lovely game can retain as many players as possible and so that people don't get super lost :) The end goal is to put together a thriving community where everyone will always have company if they need it to get things done in the game!
Since our humble beginnings, we have grown SO MUCH! We are now sitting at 180 members, with I'd say about 120 active players. (No plans to remove for inactivity for a long time). We've introduced so many of our beginners into fractals and dungeons. We're beginning to get into strikes and soon raids I hope.
We've got a team of 5 or so that play WVW on Yak's Bend, and we have some PvP'ers!
At its core I'd say our guild is a haven for new players and that is what we hope to continue to be as the game is released on steam soon. Somewhere players can ask for the help they need and make friends to do content together <3
P.S. - If you're curious why we're extremely active right now when the original post was up in June, it's because real life kinda took the wind out of the sails of most of our original founding members (me included) and the game and guild were put on hold before it really got off the ground. However now we are full sail and no signs of ever stopping <3
Message me at Wowyersmart.9315 in game Discord at Vent#9122 or comment here if you'd like to join us! :)