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[NA] Bards Against Dragons [BAD} PvE Guild, New Player Haven :)



  • Hello, casual PvE player here, who returned after 8 years. Almost a newbie. Can you send an invite? Thank you!

  • Invited both of you <3

  • Hi everyone, very new player here, i just have 2 character around lvl 30, never played much mmorpg but i love GW2, I try to put 2/3 hours a day minimum and I will probably need lots of help and guidance but i'm keen to join you if you're beginner friendly :)

  • A daily, err nightly bump : ) super happy to have all the new faces around

  • Newly returned player. I'm looking to learn more about PvE and all the new features.

    Can I have an invite?

  • I'm looking for a guild! I'm semi new but have a lot to learn still and looking for people to play with. Could I have an invite?

  • heya! would love to join! I have been around for a bit and love to help new players!

  • I would like to Join your guild

  • StevenDorsey.2605StevenDorsey.2605 Member
    edited November 17, 2020

    I mailed you in-game from my new Toon, "Torkh Ironshot". I would like to join your guild, if you are still open.
    I'm normally logged in as my main, "Malerik Valerius".

  • Returning player after 7 years gone. Bit of a noob, but looking for a guild to relearn and check out the group content.

  • Hey, I would like to join! Been looking for a more casual fun guild to run around with. I haven't done much aside from story/open world/pvp and would like to learn fractals. :)

  • Invited everyone above : ) hope to see ya'll soon

  • Hi!
    I'm interested in joining your guild!
    I usually plays PvE, but sometimes WvW too.
    Please invite me!

  • Heya im new to the game would I be able to join? I'd be interested in doing group content as well :)

  • Bump! Stay safe during the holidays everyone : )

  • Can I get an invite?

  • Invited everyone who asked ^^ Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Hello there, I just started playing this game a couple months ago. I'm so confused since i have no friends in the game. hopefully i can get some of them by joining your guild :)

  • Im coming back to the game after a 7 year hiatus. Could I join you lads and lasses?

  • Hello! Returning player looking for a guild to help me with getting back into the game. Read the post and updates and am very interested. So far, I've been playing daily and intend to keep doing so. I like the PvE focus, and am interested in helping to grow the guild any way I can!