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[NA SERVERS] Night of the Necromancers 2020, presented by TBC!

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Greetings, Tyrians!
For the past 2 Years, TBC, the Tyrian Bullet Club, has hosted Night of the Necromancers, an all-necromancer gathering, record setting event in Lion's Arch, on All Hallow's eve, October 31st. It is the Largest single Gathering of Necromancers in guild wars 2 history(sorry Grenth we got ya beat) , and... I am Proud to say that this Years Event Is Officially going to be Happening! stay tuned to this Thread/post thingy for details... as in the next several Months, more and more shall be revealed by Her Infernal Majesty, Atreya Black. But i will give you all a small hint as to what we have in store for you this year. Let's see who can Figure this one out: "It's not just by the Twilight they will arrive"



  • For the next hint: "They will arrive by ice and fire"

  • I have no idea, but this sounds amazing!

  • For the next Hint: Their Footfalls Shall guide them to Orr.

  • For the Next Hint: "One shall possess the fire that stabs the night, another will sound the full moon rising"

  • For the next Hint: One shall rise up like a bloodthirsty shark from the waters, and one shall sing the skaalds of the ages"

  • The Next Hint: Braham used a bow to chip at the inspiration for it.

  • So Readers of this post, I have been dropping hints and suggestions for a while now. and the time has come to reveal the secrets of this years night of the necromancers event.
    That's right, you heard me correctly. I have spoken to Her Infernal Majesty, Atreya Black, and since January, the members of TBC have been hard at work making these glorious weapons for all of YOU, to give them away to YOU!
    But that's not all!
    During the event, the Biggest NOTN we have ever done, thousands of gold in prizes, including skins, coins and many other things will be given away for active participation in the events of the evening!
    but why?
    For the past 2 years, TBC has dedicated their efforts towards multiple causes. NOTN has always been an event that fights for cancer research. In our first year, we focused on both the Canadian and American Cancer Societies. Last year, we primarily focused on CCS. this year, our focus is primarily on the American Cancer Society. 100% of the funds we raise during the entire month of october _through the venue of our stream team__ go to the ACS for research, treatment, support, and advocacy. during the events, we may state this a little bit, but there has never and will never be donation spam during our events. this isn't about recognition, about TBC, or about trophies or titles. _this is about fighting cancer__ and _this is about having fun!__
    if you have any questions, PLEASE ask them below. More information will come to this channel as we get closer to October 31st!

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    This sounds like an amazing event for everyone involved. Thanks for doing this! I'm on the EU-server myself but wish I could have been a part of it. Best of luck to you!

  • @Keydos.3176 said:
    This sounds like an amazing event for everyone involved. Thanks for doing this! I'm on the EU-server myself but wish I could have been a part of it. Best of luck to you!

    you are most welcome! and of course, as it will happen in october, on the 31st, you do have time!

  • UPDATE: Her Infernal Majesty has given us a message!
    ____to my lovely denizens of Tyria.
    in just 2 short months time, Necromancers, Scourges, and Reapers of all shapes and sizes will converge upon Lion's Arch once again for another night of debauchery! We are looking to set a record this year, and the members of TBC have pulled out all the stops for 2020! Knowing how difficult times have been for all of us, The Tyrian Bullet Club's Night of the Necromancers event will showcase over 20,000 gold in prizes and awards, including a very special giveaway benefiting the American Cancer Society. Throughout the Month of October, TBC streamers will be hosting events in guild wars 2, such as "a stroll in the black" "Death comes to Drizzlewood" and many more! during these events, donations of any amount will be accepted through the streamers channels only and those who donate 10 dollars or more will be entered into the drawing during Night of the Necromancers... to win a legendary weapon! every single gen 1 legendary weapon (except eternity) will be up for grabs during night of the necromancers, darlings... and they are up for a good cause indeed! Cancer has effected all of us in one way or another, and the members of TBC wish to combat cancer in a very special way... by celebrating mad King's Day as it should be... as Necromantic as it should be.___
    the events that take place in October are welcome to everyone, necromancer or not, however NOTN20 will be an exclusive necromancer event. we will not map spam for donations. we will not map spam for recognition of ourselves, and we will try our darnedest to present you all with a good time!
    see you soon!

  • i,m not a very Necro looking Necro, may i still attend??? TY

  • of course you can! necromancers, reapers, and scourges can all attend! you do not have to be super edgelord to attend, as all fashions are encouraged! in fact, we will be havinjg fashion contests there!

  • Could you also get Gen 2 legendary weapons? I like the Gen 2 scepter a lot more.

  • @Coeruleum.9164 said:
    Could you also get Gen 2 legendary weapons? I like the Gen 2 scepter a lot more.

    Unfortunately, due the the way gen 2 weapons are made, we are unable to give them away. they become, i believe, account bound upon creation.

  • Night of the Necromancers shall begin at 5pm Central Standard time, unless otherwise noted. see you in LA!

  • 12 days and counting.


  • FIVE DAYS!!!!

  • Okay Players... the game is afoot! we are now 1 day and 20 plus hours away from NOTN2020... and we have been, secretly and not-so-secretly, delivering "warmup" surprises throughout this past week. YET... there is WAY more to come! over 32k gold in prizes are waiting for you at this year's event and you do NOT wanna miss it!