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I present to you a balanced class:



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    @Arken.3725 said:
    I mean, he ain't wrong. Name another class that can destroy your health in an instant like that? I don't even think two thieves could do it as quickly and to the same degree. Except maybe a stealthed-up holomancer with nades. That's not to say it's anymore fair.

    2 thieves couldnt, but thief is also just the lowest damage class by a pretty wide margin. Otherwise? 2 Guardians, 2 Engineers (doesnt even have to be Holo), 2 Rangers, 2 Warriors, 2 Eles, 2 Mesmers and 2 Reapers absolutely could. So uh, yeah, basically everyone other than thief can.

    I bet you 100 gold right now that neither of those combinations could do it to the same degree and speed. Any day of the week I'm comfortable with that bet.

    Edit: And that's without me mentioning that Revenant has far more sustain in comparison to any of those combinations as well.

    In the twitch clip the necro went from near full health to full dead without attempting to defend himself in about 5 seconds. Here are some clips of a paladin amulet necro being brought from full health to full dead in under 5 seconds by all 9 classes. These bursts weren't grinded, I basically just took the first try where neither player screwed up too badly that I recorded and the people performing the bursts weren't particularly experienced for all the classes they did. I think I win this bet.

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    Sword thief got gutted for having potential for half the damage this presents. Then again, rev is a class played by best players, and best players tend to win.

    s/d is still good, in fact it might be the best thief build in the meta rn, since it kitten on condi revs, guards and necros
    but s/d takes some more brains then d/p so we dont see it

    s/d is much more spammy .... d/p has so much more risk ... this is against top players though

    s/d just isn't good or worth taking in a burst meta though. in a more tanky meta sure but d/p is the best because it favors a burst meta over tanky meta... like in celestial metas s/d was king for that reason.

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    @Arken.3725 said:
    How about this. If infuse light is so bad, let's trade that for litany of wrath or shelter and see how many revs really start complaining.

    Must be a lot of bots in the games these days if there are really that many people/teammates that cannot avoid hitting a rev for 3 seconds. Without you or your team actively messing up, it heals 1.8k. If the revenant tries to abuse persistent AOEs, they have no stability and one very expensive immobilize cleanse. CC them out of AOE (CCs do no damage so you aren't healing them!) or immobilize them from entering AOE.

    It's almost as if guardians rely on persisting damage fields to do any form of damage. Glint heal Needs a cast time on activating the skill instead of the upkeep.
    Also, worst possible scenario. Glint heal is a 3.8k heal with a 3 second invulnerability that lets you go ham for the duration. Imagine calling this skill bad.

    ~ God Tier Guardian

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    @Jekkt.6045 said:
    that's not condi rev. you're not allowed to talk about balance if it's not about condi rev.

    on a more serious note: yes power rev damage is broken and people don't want to hear it. btw nade damage on holo is broken too.

    difference is power rev has a massive weakness, condis

    crev is the actual busted offender

    holo dmg is stupid, needs to be nerfed specifically nade dmg... i can see elixir r holo being decent if they nerf nade dmg

    2 classes that are so busted beyond others in pvp are nade holo / cRev ... they are the best pug carry and high end carry in the game.

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    @Master Ketsu.4569 said:
    The root cause is basically Quickness. Without it, that particular burst combo those Revs are using can be very easily stopped with a single CC ( Power shiro has no stab and only 2 stunbreaks, both of which carry serious downsides ). But because of quickness, that combo can only be realistically dealt with if you are at least slightly ping-carried ( Or have quickness yourself lmao ). There is nothing wrong inherently with the abilities that come along with that Rev combo. There have been many times in the past where power shiro wasn't meta or was even trash tier and it's actually even weaker now then it was back then. But quickness is just busted, and leads to unfun situations like this.

    It's one of the reasons why I recommended a change to have quickness stack intensity up to 5 times. Each stack would grant "increases attack and action speeds by 10%". This would allow Quickness to be better balanced on a class-by-class basis.

    Yes, it's quickness that is at fault, not that the ability is stacked to high heaven, smh.

    1,200 range teleport.
    Does 1.0 coefficient damage, quite decent in todays power level.
    Is unblockable.
    Gives 2 stacks of unblockable effect.
    Grants 3s of quickness.
    Realistically an 20s cool down.


    The only times power rev has not been oppressive is when it's been rendered unplayable for most by the amount of condition classes around. The root cause is that rev abilities are stacked due to the class at it's core being a work in progress and no real guidelines on how to assign universally needed mechanics (stunbreaks, cleanses, various boons/power ups) when used in combinations of traits and legends. Think about it, how can you assign "X gives you Y" when the legends and the entire utility bar can be completely different, say you need extra condition management and take mallyx, how many traits did that used to mess up? How many does it still mess up? How many traits are very passive in activation because of this flawed design?

    The reality is rev is a deeply flawed class by design, it is not "basically quickness", you can take that off rev tomorrow and it will still be a deeply flawed class.

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    @MTC.9536 said:

    I havent read other responses - but rev has always been broken.

    Anyone from early or "golden days" of gw2 will tell you that everything changed when HOT came out. Before you had quite a big variety of zerker builds that worked across most levels and the playstyle was risky but engaging/fun. Yes, thief was the apex predator on top of all zerker builds, but it was hard enough to not be cheezy.
    Then, after rev, most builds became completely unviable.

    1) rev chases better than thief or "hard to get away from necro meme"
    2) rev COMPLETELY ignores main game mechanic which is terrain kiting
    3) Unlike paper thief, it has similiar sustain to at that time viable 1v1 sidenoder ex. warrior

    4) Bonus:
    Beside combining power of 2 roles into 1, it even gets many small free bonuses, like instant cast and reliable skills, low CD so less risk than guardians and even teamfight potential. It is a "DPS version of CELE ELE"

    Condi rev - is cancer walking with perma resistance
    Bunker rev - is lame like any other bunker
    and Renegade rev - is cheeze like any other AI build

    Literally nothing good has ever come to the game from rev, and its powercreep to boost HOT sales forced all other roles to keep up with crazy defenses.

    The only thing you can do is accept it as complete BS.
    We all know it would be best if it was deleted, but realistically it wont happen.
    Lube up and play with fear, cz YES - it DOES 1-shot from 1200 range ignoring LOS.... ty anet

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    Have you tried utilizing the dodge key function?