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lostgecko.9104lostgecko.9104 Member ✭✭
edited June 19, 2020 in Looking For Guild

Hello everyone, Its Euph.

I've never really posted on the forums but while some of you know me I am sure there are more that don't. I am looking for a Guild that can meet my needs which are at the moment quite difficult to work with. While i am currently with [Brr] on Maguuma, I am more casual then I use to be in regards of playtime, but I try and play as much as I can with that being said. My IGN is Euph, Euphoria, and to some my name is just Mike. I am Multi-Classed with GvG experience on all classes. I have played since launch , and since launch i have exclusively played WvW. I wouldn't consider myself an amazing player because i like to think of myself as humble, but I am good. Anyways, I guess I will get to what I am looking for;

  • A Lowkey Guild with around 10-15 players
  • Being able to accept that I can only play 1-2 days a week due to work and real life
  • Not being able to use Discord anymore

I know that Discord/Teamspeak is a huge thing , but i am just not that sweaty anymore.

You can contact me on Discord @ Euph#7373 or with my IGN lostgecko.9104