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L'ETE: "Watercolour" Reshade preset

After many years away, I decided that not only would I try my hand at GW2 again, I'd also try my hand at tweaking a Reshade preset from scratch. In celebration of my grand return, I gave myself the goal of taking the game's painterly aesthetic and shifting it to evoke watercolour. (You decide how well I did. :B )

Thus "L'Ete" (inside joke) was uploaded here on Reshade's preset site. I expect it'll have limited appeal, but it's there if anyone wants. :) There are comparison screenshots on the download page, but here are a few:




Note that it does affect the UI (my attempts to prevent that failed, though I may revisit a few things) but it is still very legible imo and it's tweaked for regular gameplay, not just screenshotting.