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[NA][PvE][Raids] Confluence [Mana]

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Hello, and welcome to Confluence, a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild looking for new blood.

[Mana] Was founded and created by myself, and few other like minded people that are looking for a raiding guild that is capable and efficient.
We are a group wanting to get clears every week and wishing to progress and grow into a community able to house many raids groups as well as fractal teams.

We are currently only a core group, and we're looking to expand on that to not only have back ups but another group that is capable of running any time they wish.

What we can offer you is:

  • Friendly active community.
  • LGBTQ Friendly.
  • Highly skilled players.
  • People to come to for advice.
  • The ability to learn and grow as a raider.
  • Raid nights are currently.
    Monday: 8:30pm EST
    Tuesday: 8:30pm EST
    Friday: 8:30pm EST

Three nights currently but when we get another group we will be making another set of times with either earlier or later times.


  • The want to learn and grow.
  • Able to take criticism and change gear.
  • Open minded.
  • Relaxed and able to have fun even if wipes are happening.
  • Discord/Mic.
  • Two classes you're willing to play and learn.
  • Willing and able to get the correct gear to get the most out of your class.
    (We are currently looking for people able to play a DPS and a core role. i.e. Chrono/Druid/cPS + PowerDPS/CondiDPS)

There will be a trial period where we will see if you're going to mesh well with the group and are capable of everything listed.

Please send us your questions and inquires either in-game or over discord.
In game:

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