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Need help copying the exact looks of Almorra Soulkeeper

While I am completely aware of the Vigil armour set she wears, I'm trying to copy Almorra Soulkeeper's looks as close as humanly possible with my own Charr. If anyone has any resources that can show me exact names of Almorra's fur pattern, fur colour, and pattern colour, it'd be mega appreciated. If anyone knows a good way in-game I can do a side-by-side match with Almorra, that would ALSO be super appreciated-- but please note, I have no character slots available for alternate character testing. Any information on sliders and her exact body shape option (thick with small limbs, or thick with large limbs) would help but is not necessary, as differences are too minor to eyeball for the most part.

My issue primarily comes from the in-game lighting varying wildly by zone, in comparison to the lighting used at the make-over previewer (in lion's arch, if that matters), and I will only accept the exact colour and pattern. In addition, I can't find Almorra not in her full vigil armour. If I'm even the slightest tint or tinge off, it's going to drive me nuts, and I can only afford the one kit.

Things I've tried: Comparing screenshots on my phone (various sources) of Almorra to my doppelganger, comparing in-game screenshots to my doppelganger, adjusting every single graphics setting and taking numerous screenshots trying to discern Almorra's fur colour and pattern, digging through forums/online searches/social media, squinting really hard, asking my all-too-amused companion for advice

Things I've 'discovered': Almorra's fur colour is either Sand or Dark Sand, Almorra's pattern colour could be one of like.. three or four greys, the only 'Premium' feature on Almorra is her bright yellow eye colour, and Almorra's pattern style I can't quite discern but I have narrowed it down to patterns that apply to the side of the neck (some patterns do not affect it)

(If it does not break forum rules) I'll gladly send 5 gold to someone who presents very good/believable details on Almorra's character creation details, and 10 gold if someone lucks upon a 100% reliable source of Almorra Soulseeker's official colour palette and character creation statistics. I am sorry I have too little gold to give away, but it would mean a lot to me still to get any help I can get. Thank you for reading my all-too-long plight!

tl;dr, What is Almorra Soulkeeper's actual fur colour, pattern colour, and pattern type. Optionaly information on character creation slider and body shape is helpful


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    From what I can tell from playing around with character creator and comparing with these images (As well as have a look at her in the Vigil Headquarters in first person view on a Norn to get a good look at her fur pattern)

    Fur Colour: Dark Sand
    Fur Pattern: 13
    Pattern Colour: Snow Grey
    Hairstyle: 1
    Hair Colour: Snow Grey
    Accessory Colour: Irrelevant (No accessory)
    Face: 5
    Horn Style: 3
    Horn Length: Middle
    Eye Colour: Bright Yellow (Not a premium colour)

    Additional information: Teeth Size is maxed

    Beyond that, things like physique and any additional slider usage, I haven't a clue. I haven't studied fem Charr enough to be able to discern such things (Or even her height)

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  • nottsgman.8206nottsgman.8206 Member ✭✭✭

    not sure how accurate she is, but I gave doing her face a go. I used the fur and colours in Taril.8619's post. made her medium height, because she's not an overly big charr and gave her the 3rd body build. if anything, its a starting point for you :)

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  • Abraxxus.8971Abraxxus.8971 Member ✭✭✭
    Her game model for reference set in neutral light

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