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    I have another opinion

    Living Seasons are just bad. I agree with above it's a bad content delivering method. They takes two-three months and feel rushed, no substance, no soul. Each episode of a season seems made independently, not caring of what happened on the previous episode. Or what is established in core/personnal story. You can see in the maps themselves they saw too big and end short in time butchering some elements of the maps: Two paths unused in gandara fortress meta; an unfinished sun refuge; very cheap mastery for bjora; not stuffed environment with a basic story with characters forgotten later or killed rapidly to erase all traces from the episode from existance.

    Extensions had a defined plotline and scenario whereas it changes every LS episode because of the multiple teams not thinking the same and designing map differently. Just in LS4, we went from joko wanted to unleash the plague to joko doesn't exist anymore, but then aurene die and then now it's advantageous to use joko, so let's say she revives. Ton of pact killed but then, mysteriously, camp already established on dragonfall with as much pact as before. Almorra survive, but then decided to kill her, episode after...
    Same waste with the steel warband, don't introduce characters if it's to kill them a second later. Sorry, but aurene, coming nomnom joko by flying over a necrosis inducing shield, several awakened trebuchet, possibly stolen asura cannons on the roofs and archers... it's nonsense.

    TLDR: Each ls episode is a scene, where you feel forced to kill your characters before the end. To cut any link for the future because you know, you can't write a proper long story for them. Maps are the same: "see, done, bad or not, don't care you will not return here later...."

    It is an issue with LS, not only LS1, but also LS2, LS3, LS4 and now that LS5. Don't introduce subplots if it's basically for dragons. At least, HoT put over it the corruption of sylvari minds, and PoF distracted us with balthazar and joko. Each LS episode , you see it's forced.
    Icebrood Saga in particular:
    -Prologue: Bangar is strange, go in shiverpeaks, should be after JORMAG.
    -Episode 1 and 2: Ow a corrupted icebrood raven shaman it should follow the order of a servant of JORMAG. Hey! It's drakkar, a creature of JORMAG.
    -Episode 3: Ow! Traitors. They are joining bangar, and will turn into frost because JORMAG.

    We don't even give a quaggan about the kodans, the tengus and norns who fled/got slaughtered/captured. And we are shocked by shooting defectors... Dunno why we are here, it's a charr civil war. Not one from any other race. We just go here like "excuse me, my hobby is to kill dragon, can you let me go to the north?", rytlock stuff with ryland is BS. Warband got killed, already mindwashed by bangar. He should stop thinking of himself for once.

    I also feel like they are limited by teen rating.
    But answer that: dead corpses in containment chambers in sandswept, illusions of us and blood trails in gandara, awakened, the boneskinner origin... are okay, but showing dead corpses and norns/tengus slaves in drizzlewood is too much?
    Wars aren't pink. The game turned into a game of throne disney where deaths don't matter, playing with all characters like puppets. During LS, the pact as example lost many lives, commander not caring. First occurence with tonn, personnal story, and the step where we kill a squad in mount maelstrom.

    LS aren't the best format.
    Boneskinner could have afforded a verdant underground like in dry top with the mordrems.
    The Inquest could had an underwater/underground hive instead of reusing rata sum asset.
    Kralkatorrik and Joko could had a proper ending.
    The fear feeling of the scarab plague could have been more threatening.
    Bangar could have been a cool character, not corrupted by Jormag.
    Almorra, Blish, Steel warband would have been better alive, fighting with us: Almorra resonate Bangar and he admits it's stupid and help us.

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  • XenesisII.1540XenesisII.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, not really. Because ..

    Not with the current state of wvw, which it has been for quite a long time.
    Pve in this game is just too annoying/boring for me to play, I'd rather go sub to wow to pve there, as boring as that usually is too.
    One of the best combat systems in any game I've played, wasted, because of broken balance, broken mechanics, and lack of mode support.

    ^ Another derailing post - Anet
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  • magnusthorek.8027magnusthorek.8027 Member ✭✭✭
    No, not really. Because ..

    Lag! Nothing more, nothing less

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    No, not really. Because ..

    I used to always recommend it and spend countless hours answering questions from new players and stuff. However, I have always played mesmer as my main. I think ALLOT of people played, still play, or suggested Mesmer and Warrior as some of the best "all game mode" classes people could choose. I have TONS of people I know who mained these because they had always been reliable classes to invest in and are both fun to play. Recently, for what ever reason, anet decided to kick them both to the curb and really has done a hell of a number on mesmer in all game modes. I know that this doesnt matter to everyone. Some are probably even happy about it. That said, Im 100% sure its been bad for the player base and popularity of the game. I am personally disappointed, but more importantly I feel guilty for suggesting people invest time in Mesmer and warrior. I really cant suggest anyone try let alone invest in gw2 at this point.

    In the last 1-2 years anet has really shown its nature. That is, repeatedly demonstrated all they care about is determining how best to glean some more cash from anyone they can with little interest in actually producing any sort of quality standard or value for the player.