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Numenor.5602Numenor.5602 Member
edited June 27, 2020 in Looking For Guild

Hey! I figured this would be the best place to look for a guild to join. I got this game on release date, but stopped playing about 2 months in. Lately I've been starting to play through the original story again + doing World Completion. I haven't really done any endgame content at all since PUGs in-game are far too streamlined and efficient for me to actually get to fully enjoy the content.

Therefore, I'm hoping to join a casual guild to experience both PvE and PvP content with. I'm currently on the Sanctum of Rall server but am OK with switching if needed. I have an 80 Engineer (main character) and an 80 Thief (not played since 2012). I also have a bunch of lv.70 character boosts so probably will get some more 80 characters soon. I'm in the PST timezone and will be available between 6 and 10PM mostly (+ on the weekends).