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LFG (JQ) (PvX - PvE,PvP,WvW, Raid's, Fractals) North America - Eastern

So I am looking for a new guild due to the fact even with a new expansion my current guild is very low on active players.
The First thing i am looking in a new guild is an active voice chat. When i am in game i never have time to focus or talk in guild chat then in the middle of fighting so i would like to see the Majority of players use whatever voice chat being used.
The other reason i am looking to switch is something that works better for my schedule. Most of my guild events are on the weekend and that is a problem because i have a life and like to spend my Saturday nights outside the house. I am most active on Wednesdays and Thursdays due to the fact those or my days off from work and looking for guilds that have events during that time.
Third and finally I am Looking for a active WvW guild on the JQ server. Due to most of my guild mates being on a different server i never could join them.

Now a little about me. I have been Playing Guild Wars ever since the first beta weekend of Guild Wars 1 and have have almost put my 10,000 hours between both games. I have one character of each class and i am always changing witch one i am playing day to day so i don't really have a "Main".

If you have any more questions or wish for me to join your guild the best way to contact me is just sending me Mail in game. - Minion of Terror.1948

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