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Mini Pet Contest 7/3/2020!!!!!!

Hello all!

I host Mini Pet Contests every week/ every other week and am looking to invite anyone who has an awesome collection or looking to try something new to join in!

What is a Mini Pet Contest and how do you play?

Simple! Everyone lines up and I activate a mini pet. You must activate the same one or you get a strike. Three strikes and you are out of the tournament. The mini pets start off easy and get harder as the contest goes on. This continues until only two people remain. Those two people face off in a 10 round contest, each taking 1 turn showing off their best and most rare mini's hoping their opponent doesn't have it to score a point. If their opponent has it, no points. This is done once per player for each round. Who ever has the most points after ten rounds wins! If tied then they both keep doing additional rounds until a winner is crowned!

What mini pets are allowed?

All mini pets that can be bought directly with gems or have ever been able to be bought directly with gems are banned. If unsure we go by the wiki. Also banned are any from collectors editions, verification mini's, and special code mini's. All others are allowed including mini pets from Hall of Monuments, PVP, WvW, Black Lion Chests, Fractals, Mystic Forge, and Trading Post, as well as all others. Short answer, and that you earn in game.

So what are the prizes?

Since everyone has different needs we give Gold to First (25g) and Second (5g). First place also gets a seat in our winner take all 250g prize December Championship.

How do I sign up and what do I need to do to enter?

The contest is 100% free to enter and all you have to do is join my raid group at the time posted for sign up. It is a FIRST COME basis.

When is the next contest?

July 3rd 2020 9pm Eastern. Hope to see you there!!!

Any other questions feel free to message me and I will get back to as soon as I can.


  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Interesting idea, guess those heavy RNG non tradable ones are gonna be really useful for this ^^

  • @Teratus.2859 said:
    Interesting idea, guess those heavy RNG non tradable ones are gonna be really useful for this ^^

    I have run three so far and yes it does. The best one so far was the finals in the second contest where one person had almost every lama mini and the other had almost every mini mount. the final score was in the 20s before a winner was crowned.

  • Someone reminded me of a small detail i missed. We will be having the event in Lions Arch