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Strike missions economics

Xentera.4560Xentera.4560 Member ✭✭✭

How much gold do you make per strike mission? I’ve seen some videos with people saying you make around five gold per mission. Is that an accurate estimate? If so how?


  • Arcaniaxs.4519Arcaniaxs.4519 Member ✭✭✭

    If u get gold rating in a strike mission u get 45silvers for it. There are 3 ez strikes that most ppl get gold rate on it. Then there is 2 harder ones that i assume u get silver rate on them and u get 35silvers each
    For cold war it depends on how many chest u get after first part of the strike
    45×3+35×2+50 (i mostly earn 50 silver on cw)=2.55g
    And u also get alot of loot chest for doing wach strike. I assume u get 20 silver per each. 6×20=1.2g
    You also get a crystal shard for the daily strike which u can craft into a weapon and and sell it on tp after... for 7-10g i think. In the end u should be earning 10g-13g for doing all strikes and craft the weapon and sell it i think. But if u dont sell u will earn 3-5g per day