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Looking For WvW Guild Stormbluff Isle

Hi I am fairly new player looking for a WvW guild in stormbluff isle server.
Yes, I understand that as a new player I shouldnt be looking to play yet WvW but for me to be motivated to go through other pace of content I needed to join a guild whom I know I will eventually be able to play WvW. This will keep me on pushing to better my characters and gear.

Any newbie friendly guild out there that does not require 100% representation?
Hope you can also provide the day and time (timezone included) you play so I can see if it will fit in my day to day commitments.
Im looking for a guild who is patient and welcoming to newbies but competitive in WvW - if there are some. Competitive in a sense that exerts effort to win and not just go through the flow whether to win or lose.

Some Details about me:
Played some of MMORPG. Ragnarok(war veteran), Black Desert(war participant), Yulgang 2(vice guild leader), Blade and Soul(hardcore for few months), little bit of WoW(didnt really appeal to me).
Main thing is pvp/war.
Willing to participate in events as long as it does not interfere in day to day activities.
Working Professional and a family man.
Can commit 2-4hrs a day playing time on weekdays and 4-8-12hrs per weekend.
Can commit playing WvW even my wife will be against it. LOL
Currently on level cap soulbeast going through the main story arc.

Thank you, all!