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[NA][PvX][Discord][Teamspeak] Art of Invasion[ART] Community guild for all game modes.

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Looking for people to talk to? Hang out in Player versus Player or Player versus Environment? We also are on Gates of Madness if you are interested in world versus world and we play multiple games! We are looking to recruit more people to do dungeons, fractals, strike missions, and raids. We are good nature community guild looking for more people to hang out with! We have a Discord and a Teamspeak, send me a direct message if you want an invite!

What our guild offers:

  • A friendly atmosphere for everyone involved (LGBT included).
  • Non discriminatory

Our Current Guild events:

*World Versus World reset Fridays (on Gates of Madness)

  • Guild Missions on Saturday's on reset
  • Strike Missions on Sunday's on reset

Representation Requirements:

At the moment we have none, we see it frivolous to impose any requirements due to the games built in guild systems. We understand that players have multiple guilds so we are willing to work with them and welcome them with open arms into our guild. But we do expect some level of social-ness and activity with in the guild since we are lax on representation we want to be able to communicate and talk to our members. Helping them if they need to do story, open world, world versus world, possibly raids, and so on.

Other Miscellaneous Items:
Guild Hall (Windswept Haven) Level 69 with all unlocked guild buffs
Growing Community
VoIP's (We use Discord)