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Drizzlewood Coast - Lost Its Novelty Already?



  • Mouse.7382Mouse.7382 Member ✭✭✭

    I got my otter, and haven't been back. While I understand its subjective, this map has terrible replay ability for myself--its too long and engaging enough. I can't explain why, but SW was more engaging to me

  • i find myself playing sw on a regular basis for two years now. i usually cant stay on dw longer than 30 min before getting tired and wanting to log off. dont know why either. it may be aesthetics although dw looks pretty good. maybe its the mix of me wanting or expeting to play a pure farming map while having to face so many annoying mobs who ccs so much and are a pain to fight and bossfights which at the same time are rather stale and boring or just a cluster of cc and random dmg everywhere. but it may be also the icey theme which i really dislike.
    sometimes i join coms and play the south meta (cant be bothered with the north one at all anymore), but i rather farm nodes on pof or hot maps than to revisit dw tbh.

  • Tukaram.8256Tukaram.8256 Member ✭✭✭

    I misread the title completely. It clearly says Drizzlewood, but I somehow thought of Grothmar Valley. Drizzlewood never had any novelty to wear off. It is a very boring area, it has no playability, much less replayability. The only worse map I have seen is Bjora Marches. This season started out so well - Grothmar is great, but it fizzled out quickly. Shame really, I was looking forward to it.

  • Blude.6812Blude.6812 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I don't visit either map anymore. Can't even be bothered to get otter. Fingers x'd that they never make another area like these.

  • Firebeard.1746Firebeard.1746 Member ✭✭✭

    @Braynz.2906 said:
    Am I unlucky in getting the wrong map each time I travel to Drizzlewood lately?
    All I seem to find are Necro Minions and Engi Turrets camping the supply runs, tourists at the base camp waiting to chute in when a chest appears and just a few doughty souls actually trying to take the various sites.

    The inventory bloat from having to manage seige methods doesn't help. Actually anytime an MMO adds inventory mechanics it's always a big "NOPE", neither Nazjatar nor Mechagon did that great and I felt like it was due to inventory bloat. Really MMOs in general should try to make inventory management easier, not harder as it's the most boring aspect of the game.

  • Thornwolf.9721Thornwolf.9721 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @radda.8920 said:
    the most boring map created in this game. And possibly the most boring map I've seen in a mmo
    zerg bus spam 1 on doors and motionless champions. Even the end boss is pitiful without any form of mechanics.
    I don't even understand how we can have fun doing that, it's beyond me.
    I hope not to see this type of map again in the game, it's a disaster. And especially not in cantha.

    and let's not even talk about the story of the last 2 episodes with insipid dialogues without any interest. This saga is truly one of the worst things that has happened to gw2 since scarlet ^^

    Id wager that living world up to S4 has always been this bad. S4 stepped up a notch or two.... but generally the LS is always bad. Heck the storyline from personal story all the way up has been kinda luke warm..... idk I feel like MMO-RPGS are terrible places to tell a story and have a narrative outside of "look this is the setting, here's some quests to level then its all end-game meta events/Pvp/raids/RvR" anything other than that it just starts getting dicey.