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Better at Solo Open World? Rev vs G

As the title mentions, what (in your opinion) is better between Revenant and Guardian? I have both expansions, so the elite spec isn't a problem...

I am playing both at the moment, and I enjoy both.

Guardian seems to be great at AoE, ok at survivability
Revenant seems to be ok at AoE, and great at survivability.

I tried other proffs. I didn't enjoy Necro (Reaper) playstyle much, Ranger was fun, but I feel that the damage and survivability is a bith lacking


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    I should mention that I work a really stressful sales job, have a special needs child, so I play this game as a way to de stress after a 16 hour day of work and child care. A character that is low maintenance, yet strong is what I am looking for.

  • LucianDK.8615LucianDK.8615 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Reaper is a king of open world. Tough, minions to distract enemies and strong aoe attacks.

  • HnRkLnXqZ.1870HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Note: The following recommendation is for Open World PVE, which NOT includes: Raids, Fractals, Strike Missions, Dungeons, sPvP & WvW. The meta is obviously always the best solution when it comes to efficient gameplay.

    For Open World, everything goes. If it is either Revenant or Guardian, I would go for Guardian.

    With limited time to invest and focusing on relaxed gameplay, Guardian is a good choice. The Virtue mechanic offers a solid base of self-support as passives side-effects and quick-access skills. It has great damage-output in general with decent survival-options. Damage/Survival is always a trade-off on every class. But Guardian already has a good variety of active and passive defenses and can drastically enhance HP recovery without sacrificing too much Damage. In Open World, outgoing damage does not matter that much. You are free to play as you want. Some players really go for the maximum destruction, but even if you focus half of your build on survival, you will still do great damage. The class has a lot of easy core-mechanics, which are simple to learn and repeat without getting bored too quickly.

    The passives (traits) allow a great variety of combinations and playstyles. You can focus on ranged or melee, pick condition or power-damge. Focus on damage-output, survival or support. How you perform depends both on your build and your skill, but the learning curve is quite flat compared to other professions in the game. The Elite Specializations, if you own the Expansions, grant access to even further damage and support options.

    In terms of maintainance effort. Once you are geared with level 80 exotics, you are prepared for Open World PVE, Personal Story, Living World, Expansions and (depending on your build) Dungeons. Stuff like Fractals, Raids, Strike Missions and the entire competitive section (sPvP and WvW) require focusing on certain paths and maybe upgrading your gear.

    EDIT: Necromancer is a bit too brain-dead for my taste. It is definitely the best Open World option in the game at the moment. It is a very good decision for farming.

  • Game of Bones.8975Game of Bones.8975 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Necro/Reaper is my #1 for going into new situations: massive health pool, minions act as meat shields, a staff for range damage and multiple other weapons for close/ melee fighting. It is a bit of a no-brain choice. You can relax and not worry about much and just let the character do the work.

    My Guardian/Dragonhunter is more of a ranger than my ranger when it comes to using a longbow bouncing arrows off everyone and laying awesome traps. In fact, I rarely use my ranger anymore.

    The Revenant/Renegade I use to run around and have fun calling down fire from above. (I was artillery in Desert Storm; Steel Rain saves the Day). My only wish was that they could use a longbow to reach out and kill someone.

    A thief/Deadeye with dual pistols with repeat on Unload will unleash hell upon a single target, while the short bow (short on pure DPS) can spread a few conditions around.

    The last two require a bit of situational awareness when dealing with mobs, but tend to do fine with veterans.

    Ask a child a question and you'll get a childish answer.

  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭

    A Rev has great self-sustain via battle scars, but Reaper has much greater cleave which helps melt packs of NPCs in the open world, just to comment on some responses above ^^^

    Between Rev or Guard, a this point I would say Rev. Battle Scars self-healing is off the hook (I'd worry ANET sees it as OP in all honesty). Before the Feb rework of Devastation, I found Power Herald to be rather squishy, and had to rely on Jalis / Vengful Hammers to proc the heal you got from attacking the flank, when what you really wanted was to be running Shiro. But since the introduction of Battle Scars, I'm repeatedly amazed and how I can out sustain damage.

    Guardians have great sustain, but when those abilities are on cooldown, it's kite or be killed - Rev doesn't have that problem now.

  • KidRoleplay.3615KidRoleplay.3615 Member ✭✭✭

    Revenant. No contest.

  • Virdo.1540Virdo.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭

    herald ,then any type of guardian.

  • Exhale.6541Exhale.6541 Member ✭✭

    This build is really strong in OW content. Good damage and sustain(with Battle Scars, which is around 15-20 stacks during combat and i can't bring it lower even when i stand in bad stuff) with an easy rotation. Staff is only there for the sigils and for 5 which is a CC, when you swap legends the sigils on the staff activates. Weapon skill 5 is a CC, 2 is not that strong, use 4 than 3 for a combo other than that just AA. Keep up F2 which is a perma x25 Might. In Kalla use Darkrazor and Icerazor, in Shiro use Impossible Odds, when you used these skills and out of energy swap legends. Rinse and repeat.