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    @SLOTH.5231 said:
    We should be getting pips while we wait in que.

    You can get them in OS while waiting in queue, if you didn't already know, just putting it out there. I don't think pips going down while waiting in queue will be wanted by many people though - some of them have hour long queues by which their participation will have gone to 0.

  • hour long queues? i mean u should be able to play on at least one map always. even in the overstacked days, only rarely have all maps been highly queued. at least 1-2 borders had smaller queues (which been party fake Qs as well)

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    What has changed in the code to create such problems with lag?

    Considering that there hasn't been any announced performance and optimization passes to the new skills and traits introduced and old skills modified since the last time they've done it (after HoT), one could say everything's changed.

    Perhaps; there could have been server hardware and/or network connection changes, too. Cost reductions, including traffic prioritization changes could have happened. It would be a shame if a cost-saving choice resulted in reduced performance but it has been known to happen.

    You're right. There were those changes too when they moved to Amazon servers. I'm pretty sure they moved some time after the last major look at optimization. It's good they're looking into this again.

    In short the game almost unplayable now in WvW, everytime I meet zerg it's always skill lag so bad, VPN not helping and anet didn't do kitten about this D:

    This is not optimization, is balance, they reduce in WvW to grow in PVE or EVENT servers, without need increase server capacity, every thing is about money, cost reduction

  • Once again we are punished in the game, the rewards do not support a player character exclusively from wvw, in PVE and PVP you support your character with what you receive as a prize, in WVW no. We still have terrible server quality, absurd lag yesterday I saw the ping jump from 126ms to 2100ms only with the arrival of the prime time of the servers. This was for me in brazil, for guild members in california, texas and north carolina. So it is not my route but server capacity vs cost.