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So I joined a what?

During Dragon Bash I was invited to join a guild, which I did. But the problem with me is, I don't know what to do in a guild.
I have been logging on for the last 7+ years, running amok, doing my own thing. No groups, no guilds, solo. I'm not bragging, it just has turned out this way. I have always wanted the larger group dynamic or the small core group of "friends" but it never panned out. Truth be told, interacting with others kind of stresses me out, (ridiculous, I know) and I end up logging out when it happens. Joining small parties on the LFG for Fractals and Dungeons has become something to dread (which sucks, because I was going to build BOLT). I don't know why this is because in reality I'm pretty outgoing. So after all these years, this game has gotten a bit lonely and I have decided to change this behavior.
Now that I joined a guild, I realized.....I don't know what to do. There is usually 6 - 12 players representing at any one time, so do I message them? Wait for invites? Greet them when we are on the same map?
I hope I am not sounding needy or whiny, but I genuinely would like advice going forward. Part of me wants to say screw it and go back being solo.


  • enjoy the benefits of guild mission an rewards for guild commendation an little bit of silver. enjoy talking to them in guild chat! see what they are doing during the week for meta events or dungeons. some love doing pvp an wvw only good fun learning with guilds! n you can always enjoy running around pve for achievment things when not busy with guild members!

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    every guild is different. it depend what's ur guild everyday task. most of the guild will do guild mission every week or every two weeks. raid,dungeon, wvw etc
    some guild have lots of freedom. some guild is a bit hard core. i used to join a guild, the leader will force member to do wvw and not go easy on newbie.
    if you want help, you can always ask on guild channel. its much easier to get helper in a guild rather lfg for ask on map channel.

    is ur guild most of them from your time zone? this is very important. you need to make sure will have people around when you log in.

    regarding to BOLT. is it ur first legendary? it not hard to make. the most challenge part is "world completion" however with mount these days is so much easier.
    AC dungeon is also not hard to find a group to run.

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    As other people have said every guild is different. I recommend asking them how they usually operate and what they expect from members.

    I recently went through a phase of guild-hopping after one of mine closed down unexpectedly and I've seen huge variations, even from a relatively small number of guilds. One requires 100% representation and to be logged into Discord while you're playing but then never seem to actually do anything together. Another has a regular schedule of events (e.g. Fractals Monday, WvW Tuesday, dungeons Wednesday, guild missions Thursday and so on) and it's just a matter of anyone who wants to come along showing up at the set time and then they get into groups. One had mandatory events where if you're online when it's happening you have to join in or you're kicked from the guild, but if you're online when an event isn't scheduled you're free to do whatever you want. And then there's ones with no formal system at all where guild chat is basically a combination chatroom and selective LFG board, where people will just announce what they're planning to do and then anyone who wants to come along can ask to be invited. All of those are active guilds of similar sizes, so all their approaches seem equally successful.

    When looking for a guild the important thing is to find one which is right for you. Think about what you want from them and then look for a guild which offers that. (Although it might take a few attempts to find one which is a good fit for you, and you might find your requirements change over time.) For you it sounds like a guild which has regularly scheduled events might be good, so you can play with other people without having to ask them or wait to be invited.

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    In my guild people often ask if anyone wants to join fractals, dungeons or raids.
    Most of the time they just talk and mess around tho. That's the whole point of being in a guild, getting to know people. If you get along with them you'll naturally end up doing more stuff with them in game. If you never talk with anyone or say hi in guild chat they won't even know you exist.
    I also get the frustrations of getting into bad LFG groups. For dungeons I made a minstrel heal firebrand that can keep a group of people with less than 200 ach points alive. For fractals you'd have to find people you can do them regularly with.

  • Donutdude.9582Donutdude.9582 Member ✭✭✭ Take the time to get to know people in your guild and do not be afraid to ask for things. Do not expect to get anything out of it immediately - if you are, you joined for all the wrong reasons.

    Stop being so shy. If you're outgoing outside of the game, channel that into the game.

    Best of luck.

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    Social anxiety is a real thing, even if you're not experiencing that IRL. Maybe you just got too set in your ways as a solo player. But yeah, I agree with those who've said to throw out a friendly, informal invite to your new guildmates for dungeons and fractal runs, or seeing if they're doing something you may be interested in joining them for.

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    If you played during GW1 you may miss the GvG and Alliance Battles where guild association actually meant something.

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    1. Trash talk them
    2. Invest your time helping them, to later use as free slaves to carry your back
    3. Make your own 12ppl raid army to gank 1 person in wvw
    4. Profit

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    So I have 3 guilds.
    A big pve guild with many commanders that do random pve stuff. No obligation, I do represent them on some of my pve characters. The guild is cool because it is big with plenty of activity from casual to raids. It is nice because there is often something going on and you can hop in and do random pve if you feel like it. Plenty of random chat also. If I have a random questions I first ask there.
    Second is my WvW guild. WvW stuff.
    Third is my first guild that pretty much died. I'm only there for the guild tag and not really much more. Represent it on some characters that are not really active much just don't want to get guild invites.

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    I was in the same boat as you. This game is super solo friendly so it makes it easy to fall into solo play and build anxiety with playing along with others. I tell you the most fun I've had yet has been with my guild i joined about a month ago. They are people just like you and I who enjoy fantasy style game play and if your a nerd there is a strong chance most people in your guild are nerds, so even better. If there elitist kitten you'll find that out quick and just excuse yourself to a different guild. Try to join a couple activities with voip, it makes the game more immersive with other people to blow things up with. Best of luck to you.

  • I played solo for a long time as well! When I got invited to a guild I wasn't sure how to act or what to do but now I can talk freely, ask for help, etc. To be fair my guild is pretty frickin big, but I imagine it can't be all that different. Get comfortable and treat everyone as a friend. :)

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    "................... Maybe you just got too set in your ways as a solo player. "
    You know I got to thinking about that. And I think you hit the nail on the head. I am pretty set in my ways, and I tend get inpatient when waiting for groups of people make up there minds. Real world and in GW2. It's so much easier to run solo and do want I want. I will work on this. Thank you.
    And thank you to everyone who sounded off.
    Except Noah Salazar.5430, I'm not sure how that will help, but I will file your advise away for future use.
    And regarding BOLT, this me second Legendary. Pharus being the first one. There are items needed that I have to get through Fractals, so that means (cringe) asking for help.