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[NA][WvW][Darkhaven] - Fight Guild - Alpha Wolves [aW]

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[WvW][NA] - Fight Guild - Alpha Wolves[aW]
is a Darkhaven WvW Fight Guild focusing on Zerg busting. We run a Tanky Condition comp focusing on both ranged and melee hits. We are willing to train players on how to play within our group.
We expect our players to play to their highest potential in the even fights and in the outnumbered fights.

Classes needed Firebrand and Scrapper and 1 more Renegade
Current Raid Schedule: Mon/Wed/Saturday 8:30PM - 10:30PM EST We also run Reset Raid(9 PM -11PM EST
You are expected to make at least two of these per week.
Guild Builds, Discord and Mandatory Training Sessions are required.
Rep is not required outside of raid
Guild Hall with buffs

For more information contact Incendiaryflame.2103, Demon Puppet.6873, in game or Puppet#5980

Scourge PoV: