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TP data is real time. For real?!


I've been having trouble getting my buy orders to remain the top spot for a while now, and I think that coming here I have found the reason, and perhaps the solution. I suspect someone(s) is using the near realtime TP data from the API to watch their own bids and setting alerts when they have been outbid.

1) Is this a legitimate use of the API? I couldn't see anything in the content and web terms of use that indicates this violates the use of the API, did i miss something?

Personally I think of the TP as the ingame economic competitive arena, and that distributing near realtime TP info, is akin to broadcasting the location of players in an spvp tournament realtime to the opposition. So am a little hesitant about using the api for this purpose.

2) So I would like to ask Anet, why do they see the realtime distribution of TP data as okay since it gives an advantage over its non-technical player base? Was the data being harvested anyway, so you opted for a more readily available source? Could Anet not just add a 2 hour delay so it evens the field for the non-techies?

3) Am I late to the party, are sites already providing this "service" for people?

4) Most importantly, can I use the api, without fear of a ban hammer, to get revenge? Sweet, sweet, REVENGE!


  • I'm very confident the use of the API in the manner you are explaining is very legit. It is the same information you can get from the TP ingame or from sites which provide the API information. is an example.

    Why do you think this provides an advantage over anyone else, as the information and API use is publicly available?

  • I question this because it feels like a BIG advantage over the average Joe. To utilise the api data to notify of x requires out of game activity and knowledge that most folks don't have, and the tools ingame don't do what I'm talking about. Using the api, I can know without ever checking the in game TP that someone has outbid me within seconds of it happening, and then I can refresh my bids. That feels like quite an advantage over the average Joe who has to choose to spam the TP refresh to compete, or play the game. You are right, it is publicly available so anyone can do it if they have the understanding, it just feels too much of an advantage can be acheived, hence my hesitance.

  • Leo.3428Leo.3428 Member ✭✭✭

    You're right that an alert system would give an edge, more so than repeatedly checking a real-time website or the game.
    However, your being outbid might just be by chance - people come to the TP all the time and add a copper to the best bid.

  • "Using the api, I can know without ever checking the in game TP that someone has outbid me within seconds of it happening, and then I can refresh my bids."
    Not really the data is always 3 minutes old and the TP is extremely fast with some items so it does not matter IMO.