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don't throw content (Dangeon)

Bring back the dungeon's demand, why are you culling such content, make it like in Guild Wars 1, an expensive drop (which can be sold) or precursors with a higher chance than anywhere else from the chests, so that people would always sit there. And remove these restrictions just on a weekly reward or on a day reward. If I passed, then I deserve a reward.
Upgrade bosses, make them harder.


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    You're about 6 years too late with this post. There's already group content that gives all those stuff, but instead of drops they are collections/achievements.

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    edited July 19, 2020

    Arent dungeosn part of history mode? or they are skipable?

    Imo players on toon/game history shoud lstart with dungeons, then later in game they have the skirmishes than the raids if they want to.

    If dungeons arent part of the game pve history they should... 2-3 players can go easiy on history mode.

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