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The Ascension Progress - Can this really be right?


I've been PvP'ing a lot in this game over the years. Started in closed beta and still play some ranked now and then.
Today I curiously checked to see if I would be close to getting The Ascension, since I've played so much.
But what I noticed was that my "progress" was stuck at the first achievement because I had to craft some random item in the mystic forge.
Oh. No mind, I'll just craft the item and the game should be able to check my ranked wins, games and other info. It must be in the code.
That was what I thought, but nah. Now I need to complete an achievement to get like 30 ranked wins? What, why? I have like a thousand and it already says in my PvP panel?

That's just how it is? Why isn't it able to just take into account what is already logged in the PvP panel?
Now suddenly, if I were to get The Ascension, I would have to grind weird achievements that I have already done a thousand times already?

That's probably just how it is, but come on Anet that is just frustrating..


  • Khisanth.2948Khisanth.2948 Member ✭✭✭✭

    There is pretty much nothing in game that applies things retroactively.

    Performing activities is not like a currency. You can't store them up.