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Want to use DirectX 12 [DX12] for GW2? Here's a guide on using the D912PXY on Windows 10

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This is a straight forward post to raise awareness of the D912PXY which is a way to make Guild Wars 2 use DirectX 12 instead, without changing any game code.

This is specifically designed for Guild Wars 2. What can you expect from using this Mod ?

In most hardware scenarios you can expect fps gains and smoother and more consistent frametimes.

"Profiling shows that the API overhead for d912pxy is up to 86% (r255,custom config) less than that of plain DirectX9. Real performance differs based on the scene and the hardware"

Keep in mind we're up to release release 532 (r532) so things have gotten even better since! (i've been using the mod since release on a range of hardware)

Please refer to the video guide below and thanks to Ekay Tech for creating the vid.

You can find the D912PXY here at Megai's GitHub page https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy

You will also find Megai's Patreon link there to support further development.

A few extra tips.

In your config file you want "load_pso_cache" set to "1" load_pso_cache=1

To prevent Shaders delays from having to load in, use the Shader pack. Choose the one that correlates to your in game settings for Shaders ..High, Medium etc....


Once you run the game once (after installing the d912pxy) and have changed the load_pso_cache=1 in your config file, drop the shader file into the pck folder. Select "yes" to overwrite the existing file.

Please watch the guide below. You can also join the discord channel here https://discord.com/invite/fY9KADf

Enjoy a better in-game experience!


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    Keep in mind that the impact of this mod will vary from player to player depending on their setup. It can be a large improvement in game performance to no change at all.

    Also keep in mind that your monitor limits the FPS that you can see. If you have a 60hz monitor, the max FPS you'll see is 60.

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    The D912PXY is quite literally a game changer for me. I'm using a RX 5700

    Megai's just updated it to 2.2


    Version v2.2

    -Summary of change log:-
    -* Initial support for Astellia online and Lost Ark
    -* Now d912pxy will show "greetings" message on fresh install
    -* Visual fixes for booze effects & fire/smoke/etc in preview window in GW2
    -* DXGI frame latency support
    -* Small improvements of GPU query performance
    -* Crashfix for GW2 28.07.2020 patch
    -* More api hacks for better 3rd party addons support

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    Thank Little Howl. Yes just to confirm - v2.2 has the Crashfix for GW2 28.07.2020 patch
    A clean install , deleting the Bin folder and re-pasting the PSO cache in the pck folder worked a charm.

  • Alternatively, using a manager like this one: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/cxsxbz/gw2_addon_manager_for_arcdps_gw2_radial_and/ makes using several different addons much easier. And when updates happen and break your game you can just disable them, then wait for an update, then re-enable them rather than having to delete all the files (which requires remembering which files belong to which program), then reinstalling every time.

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    i tried to install it, but i get a "the code execution cannot proceed because vcruntime140_.dll was not found' error